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Autumn Leaves: Living Skirt Art

Living Skirt Art by Skirt Fixation

We have decided to post another Living Skirt Art number.  This series has become a favorite on Skirt Fixation!

Living Skirt Art by Skirt Fixation

This one is called ‘Autumn Leaves’, and is by Marsh Lambert, a little-known 1930’s children’s book author and illustrator.  We used this particular illustration because it was a windy day and Annie had been playing outside, so we knew it wouldn’t be difficult to get her posed like we wanted.  I love the vintage cuteness of the illustration, and the little girl in the original illustration is so adorable!  Of course Annie doesn’t have that chubby toddler look anymore, but we think we got a pretty good replica.

Living Skirt Art by Skirt Fixation

Annie had a little blue skirt that matched the illustration to a ‘t’, as well as a little button up shirt with the exact collar shape of the one in the illustration.  The blue skirt was one that she had actually outgrown, and Aria contributed a shirt that, with rolled up sleeves, served as a sweater.  That was funny because, until we pinned and rolled, we had a little bit too tight skirt and little bit too big sweater!  We had a little trouble getting as close as we could to the original illustration because big brother, who was supposed to be tossing the leaves into the skirt, had problems with aiming due to the wind.  Also, Annie would try to catch the leaves, accidentally going out of her pose. In the end, though, we got pretty close!  One of the difficult things about posing little people is that they don’t keep the image of what they’re supposed to look like in their heads, so you have to constantly keep reminding them ‘keep your head up’, or ‘Don’t put your arms down’!  It’s really fun to show Annie the after photos though, and have her just marvel at how close they are to the original!

Living Skirt Art by Skirt Fixation

In summary:

Illustration: Autumn Leaves

Artist: Marsh Lambert

Model: Annie

Photography: Allegra

Skirt: Dark blue tiered from Annie’s closet

Feel free to peruse our skirt art boards (we have two now!) on Pinterest here and here, and let us know which piece of art we should bring alive next.

Art brought to life by Skirt Fixation!


3 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves: Living Skirt Art

  1. Very wonderful! I think Annie works so well for these because she is in the moment and not trying to get the image exact.
    Sandy in the UK

  2. Cute cute. I love this illustrator, might just have to go find more of her books. Thanks for sharing and as usual, good job Annie!

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