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Apron Gifts

Apron Gift

Another apron post is forthcoming, folks!  I wanted to give a couple of gifts to two special ladies, and I thought that apron gifts would be just the ticket.  I used my apron pattern that I developed (with mom’s help) when I was about ten or eleven.  It is taken from a dress pattern, and so the shape is very flattering, and the pattern itself easy to change around and spice up.

apron gifts

For the first apron, I picked this lovely yellow cotton with a faint yellow leaf pattern on it.  I decided that I wanted just one pocket, but a big one!  This lovely wine-colored floral looked just beautiful on the yellow, so I used that as a pocket, stitching it down along the middle so that it is in effect, two separated pockets, but it still looks like one big one.


We had a very old denim skirt with a ruffle on the bottom of it, and looking at it, I thought that it would be just the thing as a cooler color separating the warm yellow and red.  It looks quite nice around the pocket, I think.  You might notice a little different thing that I tried this time, which was stitching the apron together down the middle.  I’m not sure as of yet if that was a good thing or a bad thing, but it’s definitely not what I usually do!  I also used a thin cream-colored ribbon for the neck and straps.

Apron Gift

For the second apron I used this pretty floral, a light reddish-purple on a cream background.  I did square pockets in a rich wine and stitched around them in cream to compliment the floral.  The straps are a wide cream lace, which gives the apron a very feminine air.

I love aprons in any shape; they make me feel like a 1950’s housewife or a pioneer girl!  I also hand embroidered the initials of the receiver of each of these apron gifts.  How do you feel about aprons?  Do you like full aprons, or half ones that are more like a skirt?  Let me know!


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  1. Allegra, I absolutely LOVE my personalized special apron. The colors & detailing make it very warm & homey, and oh my goodness, a big pocket split in two is a gift from heaven! 🙂 thank you – thank you!

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