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Quick Skirt Refashion for a Tween

Finished Skirt Refashion

Today we have a really quick skirt refashion for you. Several years ago, Allegra got two skirts, one black and one brown. They were really comfortable, and she wore them a lot. One of them got passed on to Aria, and one did not because the zipper had gotten broken. But we hung onto the skirt so we could do a skirt refashion!

Broken zipper skirt refashion

You can see the broken zipper in this photo. Aria loves the black version of this skirt and thinks it’s a good go to skirt to wear with so many different tops. She found the brown one, zipperless, the other day and asked if I could refashion it for her.

Yoga waistband skirt refashion

I found this skirt in our stash of skirts. It was given to us, but the waistband was so comfy looking that I hung onto it. So it came in handy for this skirt refashion. Here’s what I did:

Skirt Refashion Instructions:

Step 1: Cut off top tier of brown skirt.

Step 2: Cut off yoga waistband about 1.5 inches from where the waistband meets the skirt.

Step 3: Sew the two together.

Finished Skirt Refashion

Easy-peasy! And so comfortable too! It really doesn’t get much more comfortable than a yoga waistband on a maxi skirt. We are really getting a lot of wear out of the Jocole Yoga A-Line skirts we made, and now Aria has another super comfy skirt to wear too.

Yoga waistband skirt refashion

This extra tall waistband is sort of unique, but the same refashion could be done with any yoga waistband. It doesn’t have to be super tall!

Before & After Skirt Refashion

We are cross posting this skirt refashion over at Refashion Co-op.   If you look around the blog, you’ll find lots and lots of skirt refashions.   Here is my current favorite for me. And here’s one I see Allegra wearing all the time. We’ve even refashioned some skirts for Annie. Not all of them were into superhero costumes either! Have you refashioned anything lately?

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