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Maternity Shirt Refashion {Kids Clothes Week Day 5}

Maternity shirt refashion

Maternity shirt refashionKids Clothes Week Day 5

Alright, we’re back with Kids Clothes Week Day 5.  Yeah, we know that Kids Clothes Week is officially over, but we aren’t done blogging about it!  Today we have a maternity shirt refashion.

Maternity shirt refashion

Since I made the Ethan Shirt, I know the hardest parts of making a tailored shirt are the collar, the button placket, the sleeve placket and cuffs, so that’s exactly the parts I salvaged from the maternity shirt.  (What was wrong with the maternity shirt, you ask?  The baby’s on the outside now and the shirt is too big!)  Then to these salvaged pieces I added some of my leftover fabric from the Patchwork Twirl Skirt, and wham! a new shirt for Baby!

Maternity shirt refashion

This shirt was so easy to make because I’d taken all the hard parts off of another shirt, and so I had time to add little details like lots of topstitching, a box pleat in the back.

Maternity shirt refashion

The whole sleeve is cut down from the end of the maternity shirt, and I almost made it too skinny for Baby’s chubby arms!

Maternity shirt refashionMy favorite part of this maternity shirt refashion is the bottom part that I cut off a stained onesie.  I just sewed it onto the bottom of the shirt, and now Baby’s shirt never comes untucked!

Maternity shirt refashion

I think I will find stained onesies and add snaps to the bottom of all Baby’s shirts so they all stay where they should.

Maternity shirt refashion

Since he is trying to crawl the snaps from the onesie keep him covered.

Maternity shirt refashion

And he loves to stand…little stinker!

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Maternity shirt refashion

And come back tomorrow for Day 6!

4 thoughts on “Maternity Shirt Refashion {Kids Clothes Week Day 5}

  1. That is a great refashion! And he is seriously cute!

  2. Oh my word that is one cute baby! i LOVE this shirt/onesie so much.
    He looks adorable in it.

  3. sitting down for a minute this afternoon, and checkin’ one of my favorite blogs! This creation is completely awesome! I would have NEVER thought of turning an adult sized collar/placket into a baby shirt with a onesie closure ~ but it completely works! And the outcome is nearly as adorable as your baby model there!

  4. Oh my! He’s too cute and that onesie is just the coolest with the cats!!!

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