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Jocole A-Line Skirt {Kids Clothes Week Day 3}

jocole A-line yoga skirt

Jocole A-Line Yoga Skirt

Kids Clothes Week Day 3

Back when I made the Jocole A-line yoga skirt for Aria and I, Allegra was a bit jealous.  She saw how comfortable they are and how often we wear them, she requested one for herself.  And then there was this super comfortable knit fabric we got from Imagine Gnats.  (I’ve seen this fabric over in the Imagine Gnats link up where you can enter to win Imagine Gnats fabric for yourself!  Have you linked up?)  So for Allegra’s day of Kid’s Clothes Week, I made her a Jocole A-Line Skirt.  It went very smoothly, and I whipped it up after everyone had gone to bed for the night.  This skirt really is a very fast and easy sew.  You can read more about my review of this pattern here.  So, of course there was a problem!  I made the skirt just one size too small for her!  Arrrrgh!

jocole A-line yoga skirt

But since I’d also ordered a coordinating grey fabric from Imagine Gnats, I added grey tuxedo stripes to each side.  This mistake may actually be my favorite part!  But if I intend to add tuxedo stripes to the Jocole A-Line Yoga skirt again, I will definitely do it at the first, not pick apart the side seams and piece in a skinny strip later.  That was much harder!

jocole A-line yoga skirt

Aria took these photos for us.

jocole A-line yoga skirt

Here you can see the back.  I was so glad Allegra wanted a skirt from this fabric, because that is exactly what I had in mind when I ordered the fabric!  I toyed with the idea of making another raglan tee for myself, but the skirt just works!

jocole A-line yoga skirt

Three projects down, four to go…

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4 thoughts on “Jocole A-Line Skirt {Kids Clothes Week Day 3}

  1. The skirt is so cute! It looks so comfy too. I love the addition of the tuxedo strip and I think it completes the look even if it was a mistake!

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  3. The look with jeans jacket is really cute. Skirt fits very well here.

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