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Ina Skirt Review

Ina Skirt by Skirt Fixation

Have you seen the Ina Skirt?

Ina Skirt review

This skirt really fits the description we love to use when describing skirts as a blank canvas.  The Ina Skirt has so many desirable characteristics; comfortable, flattering, easy to sew, and fun!  We’ll address each of those separately.

Comfortable Ina skirt

The Ina Skirt is comfortable:

The skirt is made from knit fabric, so that just about sums it up in a word!  We chose some striped knit fabric from JoAnns.  The stripes on the fabric we bought run from selvedge to selvedge, and the picture on the cutting layout indicates the stripes would run the other way.  (We purchased the fabric before the pattern…)  But lacking any other striped fabric, I just turned all the pattern pieces so the stripes would run the right way, and it all turned out in the end.  This even took into the account that I added 3.5 inches to the length.  Another thing that makes the Ina Skirt so comfortable is the negative ease in the waistband that allows it to just rest on your waist/hips with no pinching elastic, scratchy zipper, buttons or snaps digging into your skin.  Comfy!

Ina Skirt by Skirt FixationThe Ina Skirt is flattering:

Okay, so when I tried the finished Ina Skirt on and modeled it for my husband, he really liked it!  But he also commented, “That skirt makes you look really tall!”  Well, in case I haven’t made it explicit before, I AM really tall.  Six feet of really tall!  So if you’ve got it, flaunt it, right?  But the vertical stripes are very slimming.  You can’t see the waistband the way I’m wearing the Ina Skirt, but the stripes run horizontally to match the godets at the bottom, and look very flattering too!

Back of Ina Skirt

The Ina Skirt is easy to sew:

This was my first time to sew the Ina Skirt, and it took me less than 2 hours from printing to finish!  I even added a lining as my knit was a little see through.  I got the lining from this skirt that I’d refashioned when I was pregnant.  Next time (yes, another keeper!) it’ll take me even less time because I already have the pattern printed, tiled and cut out, and I’ve sewn one up before.  I’m going to suggest to Allegra that she make one of these for herself, it’d be a great pattern for her to try.  She did so great on her first time sewing a PDF pattern here.

The Ina Skirt Review

The Ina Skirt is fun:

This is where the blank canvas part comes it.  Taking the pattern pieces and turning them so the stripes go every which way is awesome!  And the bottom part has a sort of fishtail or mermaid effect in shape too.  So the two combined are just perfection!

We really enjoyed sewing up this Ina Skirt.  We were sewing along with the other ladies over at Pattern Review for the Ina Skirt Sew Along, and we can’t wait to see every other Ina Skirt.

Ina Skirt by Skirt Fixation

Don’t you just want to sew up an Ina Skirt now too?

6 thoughts on “Ina Skirt Review

  1. The skirt looks great on you! I love the lines of it.

    1. Thanks! I totally thought of you when I saw the pattern. You should make one too.

  2. Ummm, I don’t want to sew one, but I want one sewn for me!! That is one fantastic skirt!!!

  3. Your Ina is awesome. I love it with the fitted buttondown. If you’re concerned about the skirt making you look taller than you want, consider sewing the body of the skirt with stripes running horizontal.

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  5. […] cuff, and only 3 extra inches added to the inseam) and a Lane Raglan.  Her fabric was leftover from this skirt I made myself.  The black fabric on both our pajama sets came from Girl […]

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