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Embroidery Update from Allegra

Embroidery projects

Good day, fellow inhabitors of the blogosphere; Allegra here.  Today I have been asked to show you some of my current embroidery projects.  Although I do all the embroidery for Skirt Fixation, sometimes I embroider non clothing items too!  As I may have already said somewhere back in our dusty archives, I learned to embroider when I was about eight or nine.  This was embroidery in the strictest sense of the word, just a backstitch of sorts, y’know, as nine-year-old Allegra happened to be slightly less patient and able to sit still than current-day Allegra.  Just slightly.  For my 4-H embroidery project after that, I proudly turned in dishcloths spastically embroidered with haphazard pots of mint and suchlike.  Okay, mom says they’re good, but she’s my mom, right?  I did, however, start experimenting with stitches, and now I do a lot of satin stitch, and after finding a few most instructive Indian and Japanese Embroidery books, I can do quite a few knots and decorative stitches that are more or less authentic embroidery stitches.  There are occasionally quite a few stitches that don’t have any names that I know of, and some knots that would probably make a professional embroiderer (embroiderist? Embroidy-person?) gasp in horror.  To be quite honest, I actually knot the ends of my thread, which I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to do… Anyway.

Embroidery on paper

Display numero uno is this page from a dictionary.  (Apologies to all my fellow book-readers, to whom this sacrilege may render speechless.  It was a very old and venerable dictionary that had been put out of commission.  I promise no dictionaries were harmed in the making of this project.)

Embroidery on paper

I wanted to try doing paper embroidery after seeing it a few places on Pinterest.

Paper embroidery

I drew this geometric shape and am in the process of embroidering around it with blue thread in varying shades.  I plan on framing this after it is completed, and possibly giving it as a gift.  The only problem with this is that the paper is very thin, and I have to be careful when I’m sewing so that I don’t rip it.

Embroidery of girl in raincoat

Display two is this totally adorable little raincoat girl, of whom I am very proud.  I did a two-strand backstitch for the coat and hat, and a satin stitch in a brilliant yellow for the boots and umbrella.

Embroidery of girl in raincoat

The hair is gorge, and I did a plain brown stitch for most of it, but wove in some caramel and espresso colored highlights, which are really pretty.

Embroidery of girl in raincoat

The final step was sewing on tiny blue and white beads for rain.

Embroidery of girl in raincoat

I embroidered this in a very small frame; you can see the size of it compared to my hand.

Ballet embroidery

The last Display is my absolute favorite.  I wanted to do something out of the ordinary, and so instead of doing the stitching on white fabric, I put a piece of black fabric in the hoop to work with.

Ballet toes embroidery

I think this is my favorite because of the starkness of the red and white against the black, and the way that the ballet slippers are kind of sketchy, instead of being tidily outlined.

Ballet en pointe embroidery

This one is the smallest of the three I’m showing you today.

Embroidery projects

Kay, I’ve gone long enough.  Hope you enjoy my projects,

J’adore or something like that!


9 thoughts on “Embroidery Update from Allegra

  1. Allegra- I am in awe of your embroidery skills!! And I love how you photographed them as well.
    If you are this good at your age, imagine what you will be in 10 years.
    Nicely done!!

  2. I love them all but that little girls hair is my favorite! Very nice work.

  3. I love your work! Such crisp stitches in just a few whips of your thread bring out all the detail needed – bravo!

  4. These are great. Borges would be proud of what you have made of the dictionary. It’s sort of a pre-Internet web. I especially like it unfinished, how the stitches become drawing and reference back to ink. And I really love the legs on black. Do you know the story of the red slippers? I think it is a classic. I’m so impressed. I learned to embroider (at 26) by finding a kids book called See and Sew! French knots make me so happy. 🙂

  5. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing! I can see why each of these projects would be your favorites! Nice work.

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  7. Wow these look amazing!

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