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Style Studio Skirts for Fall

Diagonal Stripe Skirt made with Style Studio app

Recently I have been thinking about fall skirts and what to wear for fall, so I decided that I wanted to design something that I might want to wear for fall. I decided to use our app, Style Studio that we have and design a fall skirt or two or even three!

Style Studio Plaid SkirtMy first skirt is a wider and shorter skirt. The skirt is also more flow-y, so I wanted to do something resembling plaid. I finally decided after playing around a while with the different patterns to do something late fall, early winter. The skirt is such a cute skirt! I would wear the skirt every day if I had it and I might wear it with a cute sweater.

Leaf Skirt made with Style Studio appMy next skirt is a ruffled shorter skirt and I wanted to do something very fall-ish so I and I found a pattern that was like leaves and I decided to use that and recolor it so it looked more like fall. This is also a cute skirt but I don’t like it as much as the first or the last so by now you’re probably dying to know what the last one is as I’ve already made mention of it!

Diagonal Stripe Skirt made with Style Studio appThis one is also extremely cute, it’s a more maxi skirt with stripes that look quite modern. Allegra got a skirt with diagonal stripes like this for her birthday, so I have hope since I have a birthday coming up soon! This one is more of a early fall one, so I would probably be wearing it right now if I had it!!! Anyway maybe one of our next skirts we make or refashion will be close to or almost exactly like one of the skirts I have just designed using the Style Studio app.  Have you ever used Style Studio to design clothing?  It’s really fun, you should try it!

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  1. That looks really interesting. It’s a little disappointing that’s it’s not available to android users. Will it ever be?

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