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Richie Rich 80s Cartoon Inspired Ethan Shirt

Ethan shirt

Ethan shirtI made another Ethan Shirt by Sis Boom patterns.  It was wonderful!  Actually, I made this shirt side by side with the black denim jacket Ethan Shirt flip I made, but it was still wonderful!

Ethan Shirt buttondownIf you make the Ethan Shirt, people will never believe you actually made the awesome shirt your child is wearing!  It’s really that tailored.  A while back, the males in our family challenged us to learn how to sew men’s clothing.  The really good, tailored stuff they like to wear.  Well…we’ve sort of been hesitant about doing that because men’s clothing is hard, and not as interesting or fun as women’s.

Ethan shirt sewn by Skirt FixationBut now that I’ve sewn up an Ethan Shirt, I’ve started noticing the way mens’ shirts are constructed and actually thinking, “Hey, I could do that!  I did that when I sewed the Ethan Shirt!”

tailored Ethan ShirtI decided to sew up the first tailored shirt for a male for my son, Thomas.  He has the enviable trait of managing to look really sophisticated in anything he wears.  Even those hole-y jeans and ripped up t-shirts he’s so fond of!  So I knew that when I made him an Ethan Shirt it would look great by default!  (Believe me, the Ethan shirt would look good on anyone, even if they aren’t amazingly suave and debonair like Thomas!!)

back of vestIn sewing them side by side, I would first sew the instructed step on Thomas’ shirt, then sew it on Aria’s denim jacket.  That way I could sort of test out the instructions.  I used a seersucker fabric from our stash for Thomas’ shirt.

Ethan Shirt back yokeI made all the hard options on his shirt, just so I could experience them!  Button placket, collar and collar stand, cuffs, cuff placket, back yoke, and pleats.  And they all turned out beautifully!

tailored Ethan shirt for boysThe only thing I did differently from the instructions was add buttons and button holes to the collar for a button down collar.  (Well, and there was the accidental way I sewed the button placket and pocket on the wrong side and didn’t realize it until Thomas put the shirt on to test the fit and he couldn’t figure out how to button it!  Ooops!  But that wasn’t on purpose, or the pattern’s fault!)

Vest from Ethan shirtYou can probably tell by all the exclamations in this post that I’m very happy with the Ethan Shirt!  So happy that I decided to use the Ethan Shirt pattern pieces to flip one more time, into a vest.  I’ll be showing you later exactly how I did that in a tutorial.  Why a vest if the Ethan shirt is already dressy?  To meet the current Project Run & Play challenge: 80s cartoon inspired.  Our cartoon inspiration was Richie Rich.

Richie Rich bow tie Growing up without a television, I just had Richie Rich comic books for entertainment, so when I made the outfit for Thomas, I made him a red bow tie since that was what Richie Rich always wore.  Then I googled the Richie Rich cartoon and he had on a blue bow tie.  Oh well, the challenge was specifically not supposed to be a costume, just inspiration!

Ethan shirt for boysRichie Rich was always very well dressed, but the shorts (in the comics anyway) still gave him a little boy appeal!  Thomas is in the tween stage between little boy and teenage boy, and seeing him this well dressed gives me a glimpse into what he’ll look like as a man. (Very handsome~ says the modest mother!)

Ethan shirt for boys by Skirt FixationI am simply on pins and needles waiting to see all the 80s cartoon inspired clothing over at Project Run & Play.  What was your favorite 80s cartoon?  How would you interpret that into fashion?  We’re also linking up to Sew Many Books.  A comic book is a book, right?

Project Run and Play 80s cartoon inspired Richie Rich by Skirt Fixation

20 thoughts on “Richie Rich 80s Cartoon Inspired Ethan Shirt

  1. I’ll agree ~ VERY handsome!! Very talented sewing, and awesome photography, too! You’ve inspired me to pick up a copy of Style That Kid!! I love all the creativity that comes from both female and male populations in your house!

  2. Fantastic job Audrey! What an accomplishment. He does look handsome as all get out. You should frame that top picture. Seriously.

  3. Whoa, this boy is quite the model, course it helps that he has such fabulous things to wear. Good job Audrey!! I made a Blue-jean jacket out of scraps from worn-out jeans for your dad once & I thought that was a challenge! He really did appreciate having long=enough sleeves for once! But your work is amazing!

  4. I love these photos AND the outfit AND your choice of 80’s cartoon!! Fabulous.

  5. The shirt looks great–I am totally intimidated to sew tailored boys’ clothes! And you nailed the inspiration–although your model gets as much credit as the clothes for his fun attitude in the pics!

  6. Fantastic shirt, vest & bow tie! I love your cartoon choice!

  7. The shirt and vest look great! I’m very impressed.

  8. I ‘d be super excited too, if I had sewn a shirt like that!!! Love it with the vest and bow tie. And what a fantastic model you have, oh, those eyes!

  9. This shirt is impeccable! fantastic job.

  10. I love your Richie Rich look! Your son definitely pulls it off, even in a tree – which is my son’s go-to location for clothing photos, too! And what a great idea to flip it to a vest! I love the Ethan pattern, and may have to borrow that idea.

  11. I love your Richie Rich look, and Thomas is so handsome in it! What a great thing that your husbands are encouraging you to work on your sewing for the men in your lives! It’s a challenge, but one that is very much worth the work.

  12. your shirt turned out so well!! i have fabric and a pattern to make my boys flannel button downs this fall. I really want to do it… ;o) I’m currently hosting a book inspired sew a long… you can link up anything sewed in 2014.. have you sewed anything inspired by a book? Come on over and check out Sew Many Books at Nap-Time Creations! The link to the sew a long is in all the sew many books posts…

  13. I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves a challenge! Menswear kind of scares me, but lately I’ve been obsessed with it. The details are so important. This shirt came out so well! I love the button collar too. 🙂

  14. thanks for linking up to the sew a long… time to get voting! send your friends, family and followers over to vote for you ;o)

  15. He’s got such beautiful eyes! I picked popeye as an inspiration. I have been sewing so much more for the girl, this is an inspiration to sew more for the boy.

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