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How to Add a Lining to the Jocole Yoga A-Line Skirt

How to add a lining to the Jocole Yoga A-Line skirt

How to add a lining to the Jocole Yoga A-Line skirt

As I promised yesterday, I have a tutorial for how to add a lining to the Jocole Yoga A-line skirt.

  • When you are cutting out the skirt, cut out an additional front and back pieces on the fold of knit lining fabric, but cut the lining fabric 3-6 inches shorter than your finished length of the skirt.
  • Complete step 1 and 2 of the lining fabric also, making a tube of the lining.
  • Before step 13, slip your lining inside your skirt, wrong sides together, matching up the top edges.
  • When you pin and stitch in steps 13 and 14, be sure to catch your lining fabric also.  You will be sewing four layers together, the lining, the skirt, and two waistband layers.

That’s it!  Just a few easy steps, and you can add a lining to the Jocole Yoga A-line skirt.   So now you can use some of the totally awesome, sheer fabrics that are on the market right now.

Like this awesome light mocha rose matte stretch lace knit fabric from Girl Charlee.

Or this burnout knit we saw the other day at JoAnn Fabrics.

Now for the other part of what we promised you yesterday.  How to downsize the Jocole Yoga A-Line skirt for a tween.  Here’s where it gets kind of math-y, so if you want to just skip down to the giveaway, we forgive you!

Take your tween’s measurements for waist and hips and enter them into this equation:

Tween’s size/Pattern size measurement= Decimal Number

Take the first 2 numbers of the decimal and set your printer to scale to that size.  For example:

Aria’s waist measurement is 24 inches.  The pattern measurement for size medium is 28 inches.  Divide these two numbers and you get .85714286  The first two numbers round to 86, so I enter 86% in my printer’s scale option.  To determine the proper length, I recommend just printing out the pattern and measuring the length on the child you want to make it and add on the hem allowance and make the skirt that finished length.  Or else you can compute your percentage from above and apply that to the pattern’s finished length and do some more math!  You choose.

Jocole Yoga A-Line skirt tween size

One last thing before the giveaway, please notice how well we matched up the ruffles at the side seams.  Thank you!  Now onto the giveaway.  This is the last day to enter the giveaway for 2 free Jocole PDF patterns of your choice.  We’ll see you tomorrow for information about my top in this picture!

Back of Jocole Yoga A-Line Skirt

a Rafflecopter giveaway

See you tomorrow!



6 thoughts on “How to Add a Lining to the Jocole Yoga A-Line Skirt

  1. I would love wide leg pants and the ladies brief pattern.

  2. I have been eyeing the a line skirt and the crossover tunic/dress. Actually I just want to buy them all. Great tutorial.

  3. Probably the empire bodice with the A-line bottom

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