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2014 Summer Skirt Awards

We know you’ve been waiting for this day…the Summer Skirt Awards are here!  With so many awesome skirt events like Skirting the Issue and Summer of No Pants, we saw so many skirts sashaying down the runway.  Grab your popcorn, sit back and watch the Summer Skirt Awards 2014!

 Most Creative Skirt:

If this darling skirt isn’t creativity, what is?  Thank you for your inspiration, Susan (Living With Punks,) and we humbly present you this Best Creative Summer Skirt Award.


Fancy Skirt Award:

Ah, Esther, (Esther fromthesticks) you are a true fashion pedagogue, both in sketchy modern and proper vintage.  We hope you’ll accept this Fancy Skirt Award for your blog.

Fancy summer skirt 2014

Best Knit Skirt:

We give you, Rach H, (Family Ever After) our Best Knit Skirt Award for this most comfortable and flattering skirt.

Best Knit Skirt Award

Best Little Skirt:

Dear Jess, (The Sewing Rabbit) We adore your sewing projects.  The End.  Here’s your well-earned Best Little Skirt Award.

Best Little Skirt Award

Best Maxi Skirt:

Julia, (Julia Bobbin) we sigh in admiration of your flawless style.  Please honor us in accepting this Best Maxi Skirt Award.

Maxi Skirt Award

Best New Pattern:

Our new award, Best New Skirt Pattern, goes to RaeAnna from Sewing Mama RaeAnna. Congratz!

Skirt Pattern Award

Quick Skirt Award:

This is a truly quick skirt, which every little girl sewing mom covets.  You Cassie, (Lily Shine Boutique) win the Quick Skirt Award.


Best Skirt Refashion:

Um, yes.  We have not attained this level of enlightened refashioning yet, Olu, (Needle and Ted) but you sure deserve our Best Skirt Refashion award.

Best Skirt Refashion Award

Best Skirt Tutorial:

This clear and lucid paper bag skirt tutorial by Celina (Petit a Petit and Family) truly merits our Best Skirt Tutorial Award. Congratz!

Best Skirt Tutorial Award

Best Woven Skirt:

This beautiful skirt reminds us of shadows on a lake.  In summer.  We proudly present Sophie (over at Ada Spragg) our Best Woven Skirt Award. Jealous, sistah, jealous!

Woven Skirt Award

Before our final summer skirt award, we simply must mention the funniest skirt post of summer.  We were in stitches!

Best Summer Skirt:

One beautiful skirt six adorable ways.  A skirt this versatile could literally be worn all summer long!  Farrah, (Mingo & Grace) here’s your Best Summer Skirt Award.

Best Summer Skirt Award 2014

That’s it for the 2014 Summer Skirt Awards!  If you won a badge, please take it home with you and display it proudly on your blog or skirt post!  What was your favorite skirt?  If you want to nominate a skirt for the 2014 Autumn Skirt Awards, coming at the end of fall, send us an email!

Solidarity, fellow skirt-wearers!

The Skirt Fixation Team,

Audrey, Allegra, Aria & Annie

6 thoughts on “2014 Summer Skirt Awards

  1. this was fun… i tested the best skirt pattern… it really is great!

  2. How super fun are these awards you came up with! I am just speechless that my “How to Sit in a Skirt” post is amongst all these fabulous features! I love them all! Thank you so much for the nomination!! 🙂
    xox, Crystelle

  3. Wow!!!! Thanks so much for the award! Awesomesauce!

  4. I have made several Tilly Skirts (most without the pleated panel), and I love the simplicity and fit! Congratulations, RaeAnna!

  5. […] Hey! Guess what? Though I wrote this post a while ago, but I just got an award. I’m thrilled, go check it out at skirt fixation. […]

  6. […] Hey! Guess what? Though I wrote this post a while ago, I just got an award. I’m thrilled, go check it out at skirt fixation. […]

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