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Style That Kid ebook Review

We had the great privilege of having Alida sponsor Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition.  Her new ebook, Style That Kid is amazing.  We can personally attest to the success her book makes possible.  Here’s the way it usually works at Skirt Fixation.  Allegra takes the photos.  She has the eye, and the feel for what makes a great photograph, and has done some especially wonderful photo shoots with Annie: Sound of Music costume, Leather Jacket, PR&P Zoo theme, and the latest Croquet Dress Flip.  But sometimes, Allegra is not available, and I have to shoot an outfit, like the Josephine blouse and skirt or the Josephine Design Details.  Let’s just be charitable here by saying I have no clue what makes a good photo and leave it at that.  Even though I spent $$$ for a photography class.

When I have to do a photo shoot, I usually do my best, (I really do try!)  hand the results to Allegra, and then she does everything in her power to make the photos publishable with photo editing.  But still, she can only do so much.  And then I bought Alida’s ebook, Style That Kid.  I read it in one sitting, like a starving person.  After processing everything, I decided to reshoot the Josephine blouse and skirt.  This post is photo heavy, but we think that’s the most effective Style That Kid ebook review!

Here is a typical example of me trying to get a full outfit shot:

Josephine blouse and dress pattern

And here is after reading Style That Kid:

bird nest outfit2

Here is an example of me trying to show the detail of the cuff:

v cuff detail

And here is the cuff detail after Style That Kid:

cuff detail cuffdetail2

How about some bad collar detail?

pin tucks and ruffles

Here is the Style That Kid collar magic:

tomatos collar2

Trying desperately to show the hem detail (yawn!)

pin tucks and ruffled skirt

A little fun hem detail courtesy of Style That Kid:

hem detail after

Here was a shot so bad Allegra couldn’t even edit it into being able to use on the post…as chief photographer, she draws the line sometimes!  But I was trying to show just the blouse:

just the shirt

How about now?

just the shirt after

Desperately trying to find an angle that worked:

from above

Same angle, better, much better results, thanks to Style That Kid:

from above after from above2

Going for a bit of whimsy with the rooster in the background, but the effect was lost due to bad photography!


How about a whimsical purse mustache?

whimsy mustache

Okay, now we need a photo of the back…how original!

josephine blouse and dress pattern

How that for a bit of artistic photography?  Thanks, Alida!

back view back

And as for trying to get a real smile…


This is the true Annie shining through!

smile 2 smile after

Annie has really beautiful hair and with a little help from Style That Kid our photos went from this…

josephine back detail

To this:

Annie Hair

Even the blurry photos weren’t as bad!


An artistically blurry photo!

blurry after

Here’s a recap of what Style That Kid did for me!

Style That Kid ebook Review


Style That Kid ebook Review


Style That Kid ebook Review

Let me just add one additional note, all the after photos were taken on my iPhone, and are NOT edited!  (All the before photos were taken on my iPad, and Allegra did her best to edit my clumsy photographic mistakes!) Allegra said I got some really nice after photographs, so I’ll take that praise and run with it!!!  And now you need to go get Alida’s book, Style That Kid so you can…

Make it beautiful,


P.S. We purchased our copy of Style That Kid and all opinions are our own!

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