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Skirt to Apron Refashion…or the Two Cutest Aprons Ever!!

Today we have a post about aprons. Yes, aprons. I know for a while that we were selling some of mine in our Etsy shop, but I never did any posts about them. Now I will let you in on my greatest apron related secrets. oooOOOooo!  I made aprons as gifts for two of our friends. Now my favorite kind of fabric to use with aprons is food fabric. They go together like ham and eggs. Ah, the food-related humor. Anyway, to me it just makes sense to use food fabric to make an apron. In fact, it makes so much sense to me that I had a business when I was Annie’s age making and selling aprons! And they were fun aprons! I used a pattern piece that we developed a long time ago for my business from a dress pattern. This makes the apron form-fitting and flattering.  Our favorite source of food theme fabric is

skirt to apron refashion

The first apron is chocolate truffle print. I used this pink mini skirt to make a large pocket with pink lace trim, and used narrow pink grosgrain ribbon.  I sewed around the edges, made pockets of different sizes, added trim and decorative stitching, and then added ribbon ties.

food fabric apron

The other one I used a fun watermelon print, and used wide green grosgrain for the ties. I also used neon green corduroy for the pockets, and added a cute black bow at the top.

Watermelon Apron

I made a rookie mistake, and forgot to sew the top hem on the pink pocket over before I put the pocket on the skirt, so stitched it shut with a wide brown decorative stitch. I really liked the way that it turned out looking, so I did the same on the green pockets, stitching it with decorative black thread.

Mini Skirt Refashioned to an Apron

I’d just like to point out that Annie took the photos of Mom modeling the aprons. Good job Annie! I love how the aprons turned out, and I can’t wait to see how our friends like them! Thanks for reading, and let me know if you have any apron tips or patterns.


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  1. Whoa – love these aprons! I still have my bright raspberry one you made when you were Annie’s age. I think I could use another…. hmmm Gramma’s Mary’s birthday is coming up in November! 🙂

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