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Reverse Applique Tutorial for Fox Shirt

reverse applique fox shirt

Girl Charlee knit fox fabric

Yesterday I reviewed the Playhouse Dress and showed you the knit fantastic fox fabric I used from Girl Charlee.  Well, since I bought 2 yards of it, there was plenty left, so I decided to make good on my promise to sew more for my boys.

fox pajama pants

I decided to make a pair of pajama pants for 2 of the boys.  First of all I used Dana’s basic pants tutorial to make a pair for David.  These were very easy to make, thanks Dana!

Baby pants

Then I graded up the newborn Footed Baby Pants from Sew Much Ado to accommodate a 9 month size baby.  This was also a very easy and fast sew as I had used this pattern before for Magda’s baby gift.

reverse applique fox shirt

Then I decided David needed a fox shirt to go with his fox pajama pants!  Enter another reverse appliqué creation!  This time I am going to document a small (mostly picture-less) reverse appliqué tutorial so that when I go to do this again (it really is that easy and fun!) I don’t have to hunt all over the internet and combine my favorite tutorials to make one!

1: Cut out pieces from white for shirt.  Cut out piece of red knit size of fox for under layer.  This time I used Once Upon A Sewing Machine’s raglan tee tutorial.  And I used old white t-shirts from Daddy, so this is a refashion too!

fox for reverse applique tutorial

2:  Scan fox fabric onto computer, enlarge my favorite fox and print out a black & white version!

3:  Trace fox onto wax or tissue paper, NOT freezer paper!  (Lesson learned there!)

4:  Iron wax paper onto shirt front piece, pin red knit piece under white shirt front piece, sew around outline.  I also sewed around the white markings on the fox.  I used red thread to accent the fox shape on the white shirt.

5:  Peel off wax paper.

6: Cut out inside and close to stitching.

reverse applique fox photo

7: Sew shirt together as instructed.

reverse applique tutorial

That’s it!  So fast, fun, easy, and spectacular results.  This photo shoot is more of the same as yesterday’s post at the fair when we had it all to ourselves!

reverse applique fox

The location was so great and colorful and had so many things to keep them interested.  All photography credit (once again) go to Allegra, our chief photographer.

fox shirt reverse applique tutorialI made these things during Kids Clothes Week.  You can see the footed baby pajamas here.

fair photo shoot

The fox shirt can be seen on KCW here.   And the bigger fox pajama pants here.

reverse applique fox shirt

This was our first time sewing with Kids Clothes Week, and we made 6 things!

Fox shirt at the fair

David likes to wear the fox shirt often, and also with his matching pajama pants.

Girl Charlee knit fox fabric

When they go out together, they are matching, but not so matchy-matchy that it’s suffocating!

girl charlee knit fabric with foxes

This boy had such a great time “driving” the cars…he had them all to himself!

reverse applique fox“Where’s everyone?”

climbing into a truck

I found out that this exact fabric is no longer available at Girl Charlee, but it would be so cute to do with this fawn fabric!  Then I discovered that Girl Charlee is going to stock this fabric in slightly different background colors which you can pre-order now!  But the fawn fabric would be awesome, too!

Photo shoot at county fairFoxes are so in right now…but let us know, what are you going to use this reverse appliqué tutorial to make next?

fox applique tutorial

Make it beautiful,


6 thoughts on “Reverse Applique Tutorial for Fox Shirt

  1. I love these too! Goodness those little feetie pants are sweet!
    And reverse applique always scared me, but you made it look doable.

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  3. so cute!
    Regarding the footed pants, did you just scale up a certain percentage on your printer to get a nine months pattern, or did you just eyeball the length and side seams?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Julie~ I used an existing pair of 9 month size baby pants I had to judge the length and size seams, and then added the footed parts! Easy-peasy

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  5. […] It was pretty obvious he needed a Knight Hoodie, and so to settle the chess theme once and for all, we used our tutorial to reverse appliqué the knight chess piece onto the back of his Knight Hoodie. Check.A boy can’t go around pant-less, […]

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