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Playhouse Dress Review and KCW Day 1

Fishstick Designs Playhouse Dress

A long time ago, we submitted a refashion we made to Sewabration of Womanhood, and we won some gifts!  One thing we won was 4 patterns of our choice from Fishstick Designs.  One of the patterns we immediately wanted was the Playhouse Dress.  This is our Playhouse Dress Review.

Playhouse dress review

We ordered some knit from Girl Charlee specifically for this project.  We have committed to sewing with knits more often so as to better perfect our ability, but we don’t have very much knit fabric to start with.  So the happy result of this is that we get to order fabric!  The knit we chose is this adorable fox patterned beauty.  Now since we are rather inexperienced with knits, we didn’t know we were ordering such a thin knit.  Since Annie always wears shorts under her skirts and dresses, it is of no consequence, but if we had more experience, we might have ordered a little thicker knit.  But then we would have missed out of this adorbs fox fabric!  (If you want some of this fantastic fox fabric, Girl Charlee just announced they are stocking it again with slightly different background colors…go check them out!)

Playhouse Dress review One reason we zoned in on this fox fabric (besides the obvious fact that foxes are all the rage right now) is because we do have a tiny bit of knit fabric in our stash that we’ve been gifted.  Well, we had this red knit fabric that was so old it was bordering on vintage.  The shade was rather 70s by itself.  But that shade must be coming around again because it is a perfect match for the little red foxes!  We used an old white t-shirt from Daddy for the contrasting bands around the neck and sleeves.

Playhouse Dress Review

Sewing the Playhouse Dress was a dream!  This was the first time we’ve sewn any pattern from Fishstick Designs, and in general we like about it what we like about all PDF patterns.  (You can read our general review here, including how we organize and store our growing stock of PDF patterns.)  We only made one change to this pattern, and that was lengthening the sleeves to be elbow length.  This is to extend the wear of the Playhouse Dress into fall.   We made a size 6 around and size 10 length.  (Wonder where she gets her height from!!!)  Bonnie’s tips for sewing on knit make this a very easy and fast sew.  No one except me is responsible for the fact that I broke a double needle.  That’s just par for the course on learning to sew on knits for me I think!

Playhouse Dress Review

This was my contribution to Day 1 of Kids Clothes Week.  It might have taken me a little longer than 1 hour, but I’ve been on a sewing binge lately!  I loved sewing up the Playhouse Dress, and will be sewing up more of these in the future.

Playhouse dress by Fishstick Designs

Allegra took these photos at the fair one morning.  We had to place to ourselves as we were part of an early morning trash pick up detail!  This fun fabric and the fun photo shoot go perfect together!

Fishstick Designs Playhouse Dress

Come back tomorrow to see how I’m keeping my promise about sewing more for my boys too.  Here’s a little glimpse:

Playhouse Dress with Girl Charlee fox fabric

5 thoughts on “Playhouse Dress Review and KCW Day 1

  1. That dress is super cute! I’m so happy to hear that you want to sew with more knit fabrics. Thanks for linking back to us.

  2. OK firstly, Great Job! You did wonderfully well, and your daughter looks adorable!
    And second, FOXES!!! That fabric is so fabulous I can’t stand it! Oh too cute. Gosh it is love.

  3. Yes, I know I’m a little late commenting, but I just ran across this! Love your Playhouse Dress! It turned out so cute, and your photoshoot location is perfect!

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