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Linen Dress Refashion

linen dress refashion

Hello, peeps! Today I’m letting you in on one of my refashions.

linen dress refashion

Mom had this blue and khaki linen dress that she didn’t wear any more, so she said that I could have it.  The reason she didn’t wear it anymore was because the hem was sort of wavy.  I guess this happens to linen dresses after a while because of the nature of linen.  The reason she still had it taking up space in her poor old closet was because it was a tall size and she’d spent a lot of money on it and hated to just throw it away!  But instead of throwing it away, we decided to do a linen dress refashion.  It was a bit too long in the sleeves and hem for my taste, so I decided to start there. I started by cutting almost a foot off of the bottom and re-hemming it. Then I did the same to the sleeves.

linen dress refashion

Easy-peasy! I did have a few problems on the sleeves because this was basically my first time sewing a sleeve hem, but they look pretty good. The bottom hem is a larger one, because I just like bigger hems. Now you can see that it’s shorter and fits a bit better along with a belt. The problem is now that it’s too short for my taste, so I’ll probably just give it to Aria, or wear it as a swimsuit cover up. Or, I could just do another refashion from it! I’m thinking a skirt for Annie. Wouldn’t that be cute? Probably relatively simple too, because I could use the existing hem.

A simple linen dress refashion by a teen!

Keep your eyes peeled for another refashion post with this garment. Maybe it’ll turn into one of those posts where you get like a million refashions out of one thing! Anyway, let me know what you’ve refashioned lately!

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  1. It turned out cute! If you decide you’d rather keep it, there are a couple things you could do to lengthen it: pick out the hem you sewed and make a narrow one instead, or take the piece you cut off, slice it in half, ruffle or pleat those pieces and attach them to the hem. Or, as you said, a skirt made from it would be cute for one of your sisters.

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