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Knock It Off Tulle Skirt

Knock it off Tulle skirt

Today we’re participating in Heidi from Elegance and Elephants Knock It Off series.  What is that all about?  It’s basically why a lot of people sew.  We see something we like, and want to copy it without breaking the bank.  There have been some really beautiful Knock It Off creations over at Elegance and Elephants, and today we are showing you our knock off.

Knock It Off tulle SkirtWe saw this beautiful tulle and floral silk skirt over on Melijoe.  It was $583.33 when we first spotted it.  (It’s on sale for $350 now, but that’s still out of our price range!)  So what did we do?  Knock it off!!!

Tulle Skirt

We found some floral cotton fabric in a very similar print as the original Roberto Cavalli skirt in our stash.  The original skirt is silk, but we didn’t want to have to care for a silk skirt, so we went with cotton.

Tulle Skirt

This was my first time working with tulle, and it was very easy.  I read a couple of tutorials, and decided to just draft my own skirt.

Tulle Skirt Knock Off

The tulle was the only thing I bought for this project as the floral cotton was in our stash, and I salvaged the elastic from a dress in our refashion pile!  The tulle cost me a whopping $2.97, total!!!

tulle skirt knock off

I decided to make this skirt for Aria.  As a tween, she has a pretty much straight figure, and so I gathered both the full width of the tulle and the floral cotton for one poofy ballet skirt!

copycat tulle skirt

If I were going to make one for Allegra or I (who both happen to have hip curves!) I would use a circle skirt pattern.

tulle copycat skirt

The one thing I did that was different from any of the tutorials I read was to fold the tulle in 1/2 (I had 54/55 inch wide tulle) and sew it into the waistband like that rather than cutting the tulle in 1/2 and sewing all layers into the waistband.  This made it easier for me it 2 ways: the most difficult thing about working with tulle is is slippery quality which makes it hard to cut.  And the second reason is I didn’t have to keep track of how as many ends that I was sewing into the elastic waistband because some of them were folds and stayed right where they needed to be.

tulle skirt copycat

Then it was time for the photo shoot!  I decided I wanted to try another photoshoot (this is my second sucessful one after reading Aleta’s ebook; Style That Kid.)   You can see the first one here if you missed it!

knock off tulle skirt

As I’ve told you about before, Allegra is usually the photographer around Skirt Fixation.  But she was unavailable, so off we went without her!

tulle skirt

When she saw the photos, she said, “Ooooh, Mom!  You did really good…you got a couple of great ones!”  So that makes me happy too!

tulle skirt copycay

I had fun playing around with different lighting and different poses and backgrounds.

Knock It Off

Of course when you are working with a tween, they are able to be posed and hold still longer!

Elegance and Elephants Knock It off Series

And Aria thought of many of these poses and secret spots in the woods to show me herself!  She’s got great taste!

Knock it off Tulle skirt

This fabric is some we had purchased to make a refashioned denim mini like this one, but that never happened, and then Aria outgrew the denim mini.  So the fabric just sat waiting for a happy project like this!

Tulle skirt

Now for just photos and no commentary!

fairy tulle skirtspider webfairy skirttulle skirt for ballerinatween tulle skirttulle skirt for a tweentulle skirt on a tweentween tulle skirt

I am very happy with the way this whole project turned out.  Aria loves the skirt, too.  And of course the $580.36 savings helped!  Stay tuned for more sewing with tulle in the near future!

Knock It Off tulle Skirt

8 thoughts on “Knock It Off Tulle Skirt

  1. Beautifully done AND Aria has some incredible hair!!
    You did get some really great shots!

  2. This is lovely! I like the added length on your version. Love the photoshoot!

  3. Thanks for linking to my link party!!

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  5. I love tulle skirts and I love that you added the floral underneath.

  6. What a lovely skirt! And such a beautiful area you live in…so fun for childhood wanderings! Thanks for linking up!

  7. So very pretty! Great photoshoot too 🙂

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