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Some of our Favorite Blogs

Blog Award

Way back in July, we were nominated for an award!  Joy from xoxo Grandma awarded us a Favorite Blog award.  This award originated at Forgetting Mess, Pausing Time, and now we get to pass it on to 6 of our favorite blogs, in no particular order!  If you aren’t reading these blogs, prepare to be inspired!

Esther fromthesticks:  This girl can really sew.  Amazing sewing.  And photography.  Amazing photography.  And create art.  Amazing art.  You really can’t understand unless you go see her work.  Amazing work.

IMG_1933b-750x1000Imagine Our Life:  Whatever this lady comes up with is really cool!  But she really is the queen of felt.  And just so you know, I want to be her kid so I can play with her quiet books.  Just saying!

Glitter + Wit:  Tasha’s photography inspires us.  Tasha’s sewing gets us sewing.  Tasha’s baby’s tears bring us to tears.  Tasha’s sewing room looks like our sewing room.  Tasha’s bucket list is our bucket list.!

Handmade Charlotte:  When we are browsing Handmade Charlotte, sometimes we forget we’re not on Pinterest.  Really.  It’s that pretty.  Funny story: for a very, very long time we thought Handmade Charlotte was located in Europe because it has such a European feel.  And we haven’t fully convinced ourselves it’s not.

Swoodson Says:  Stephanie is doing what we’re doing…trying to make a little extra moolah by blogging about what we love…sewing.  She shares tips about sewing, blogging, and we watch her Social Sewing Calendar very carefully!

GI365:  We nominate this blog because seamstresses have to eat, too.  And the food Kari whips up is not only beautiful, it’s very healthy and will give you the energy to keep sewing for hours.  Plus she understands the whole women and chocolate thing!

Speaking of awards, the Summer Skirts Awards are coming up in September…have you seen or sewn a skirt you would like to nominate for an award?  Let us know…


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  1. […] Audrey over at Skirt Fixation organized the fun Challenge Create series and recently shared little old Swoodson Says as one of her favorite blogs. Her other picks are some of my favorites too – go check them out! […]

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