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Sew Straight and Gather’s Mystery Fabric Swap Challenge

This is the third day of the last week of Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition. We wanted it to go out with a bang, so we saved a very fun theme for the last! This week is Mystery Fabric Week! The four contestants exchanged and sewed up 2 yards of fabric. The mysterious part was they had no clue about what kind of fabric they were sending AND no hint about what they were getting! Today, Terri from Sew Straight and Gather shows us her Mystery Fabric Swap Challenge:

Hi Everyone! And thank you Skirt Fixation for inviting me to participate in this awesome challenge!

My fabric was from Jordan over at Goddess of Sewing!  Her little note stated that she had purchased it at Walmart in the bargain bin and she instantly loved it! She didn’t know what she would make from it but she loved it! Lucky for me she never did figure out what to do with it!

There were no details about what  it was, so it was truly mystery fabric. My guess is… a chiffon, possibly fine voile….I really have no idea but it is a beautiful brushed rose color with a dotted striped gold inlay, very pretty.
I was pleasantly surprised and slightly scared – it was sheer and slippery, not my favorite.
Actually I do love sheer fabrics, I just find it hard to sew with. My biggest pet peeve is when you can see the seams through the right side but I didn’t have that issue, YAY! It did fray though…oh man did it fray. After I cut it I had to be super careful. At one point my daughter snuck into my sewing space and decided to pin fabric for me -the pink one of course…..nothing bad happened though, phew!

Mystery Fabric Swap Challenge

So what did I make with it…? I drafted up a high low dress! It’s something I’ve wanted to make for a while now. I knew the lightness of the mystery fabric would make the perfect overlay for it. I drafted it like a triangle so it would gradually get wider towards the bottom and this created the beautiful drape in the dress.

Mystery Fabric Swap Challenge

Obviously the mystery fabric was incredibly sheer and I needed something underneath to prevent the dress from being see through. So I used my all time favorite,  jersey knit from L’oiseau’s. I chose a taupe colored jersey which is so high quality and has a naturally beautiful drape. I drafted the underneath about 1 1/2″ shorter than the mystery fabric to create a layered feel to the dress and I had just enough jersey leftover to make a basic pair of leggings to go with it. Lovely!

Dress Collage one

To emphasize the drape of the mystery fabric and add some detail, I added a gather at the front neckline. I finished the hem of the mystery fabric with a short width zig zag stitch – almost a satin stitch and I left the jersey hem raw. I made a U shaped opening in the back and finished it with a tied bow closure from the mystery fabric – my favorite, it turned out so pretty!

And that’s about it! I loved how it turned out and so does she! The jersey being inside the dress must give it the coziest feeling! Unfortunately I can’t try it on to confirm that. I think I may have to make one for myself – as I have about a meter left of the fabric!

Thanks again Skirt Fixation for having me, it really is such a cool concept and thank you to Jordan for sending me some very pretty  fabric, it will be well used!  Come over to my blog to see more photos.

What a perfect use of mystery fabric!  We’ve seen fabric like that before, but never bought it because we were scared and didn’t know exactly what to do with it!    We certainly didn’t know something so dreamy could come of it!  Now we know…And now, we have a challenge for you…link up your favorite thing than you’ve sewn in 2014 to this week’s sew along.  It’s going to be challenging to narrow it down to just one thing, but the reward will be fabric from Mapology for the winner!  See you tomorrow for the last mystery fabric swap contestant.

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