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Refashion for Magda!

Perfect gift set for a baby boy!

If you’ve come here from from House of Estrela, Hi, and welcome!  Let us introduce ourselves.  We are a mother/daughters team and we blog here at Skirt Fixation about everything to do with skirts!  When we signed up to be a part of Magda’s Refashion Month, we had no clue what we would be refashioning!  How’s that for planning?  But sometimes we work best when we fly by the seat of our, er, skirt!  So we signed up and thought hoped inspiration would hit later.  Then Magda was one of our contestants during Challenge Create: Adult Edition, and we learned a lot more about her, including that she was expecting a baby boy.  By the time the contest was finished, we loved Magda and her style and her new unborn baby, and knew we had to make something for the little one.  Having welcomed a baby boy to our family in April, we had a pretty good idea of what the perfect baby boy gift basket could contain!  (And to make it extra special for Magda, the refashion queen, we had to include a refashion!)  So here’s a photo of the finished baby gift set.

Perfect gift set for a baby boy!

We got the courage to actually sew something, as opposed to buy something, from a cousin because she sent us a handmade baby gift in April, and it was our absolute favorite gift!  We knew all the work and love that had gone into it!  Now we’ll explain each piece of that set individually.  First, the sleep sacque, refashioned from a nightdress.

NIghtdress before

We took this picture right after we forgot to take a before photo and had cut off the lace hem and bodice top!  But we pieced them back together for you to get the idea.  We used Frances Suzanne’s tutorial except made the sleep sacque a little shorter as they suggested.  We cut the top off a long sleeve onesie (see the mittened hands, perfect for covering newborn baby fingernails?!)  and used it for the top of the sleep sacque.  We gathered the bottom piece of the nightie, and here you have a little comfy sleep sacque for a newborn boy!

sleep sacque for baby boy

We love to use sleep sacques at the beginning of a newborn’s life because they make diaper changes so much easier!  And there are a lot of diaper changes at first!

The next piece in the baby boy gift basket is the footed set.

footed pants with matching hat

We used two tutorials for this one, the footed pants from Sew Much Ado, and the knotted knit hat from Make It Love It.  Again, we always keep a hat on our newborn, and the footed pants are so nice too because they eliminate the whole missing sock, cold foot epidemic our babies have always suffered from!  Allegra embroidered around the monkey we added to the (store bought) onesie to make it match the rest of the outfit.

The last two things in the gift basket for Magda’s baby boy are two swaddle blankets.

swaddle blankets

When our first baby, Allegra, was born, you could find receiving blankets in sizes large enough to swaddle a baby well into the first six months of their lives.  But since then, baby blankets have shrunk!  Quite a few years and babies later, we decided to start making our own blankets in just the right size for swaddling!  Now being that Magda’s baby is going to be swaddled in July, we used a lightweight flannel of just one layer.  For winter babies, you can use thicker flannel or two layers.  Most baby blankets are slightly rectangular, and that just doesn’t work for swaddling very well, so we make ours 42″ x 26″.  That size gives you plenty of width for wrapping around the baby, and not too much extra hanging past their feet that you don’t know what to do with!

Perfect gift set for a baby boy!

Well, there you have it…in our opinion, the perfect gift basket for a baby boy!  Be sure to pop over to House of Estrela in July for all the fun during her Refashion Month.

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Did you know there’s a giveaway, too?   a Rafflecopter giveaway
 The giveaway is for people who link up a refashion in the Flickr group!


Congratulations, Magda, and enjoy that new baby boy!

Audrey, Allegra, Arie & Annie

7 thoughts on “Refashion for Magda!

  1. Awww, we are honored you used our sleep sacque tutorial while preparing a gift set for Magda!!

  2. And we all loved it all over here as I told you before. We’ll be using the outfit as a leave maternity outfit. Thank you so much!

  3. Wow, you did a lot of work, that is awesome! So glad you were able to use the footed baby pants pattern!

    1. I didn’t know how fun and easy your tutorial would be, so to practice, I made an identical pair for MY baby boy, and I sure love it when he wears them!

  4. How very thoughtful!
    You did such a nice job for the lovely Magda!

  5. That monkey outfit is so squishy and adorably (can you tell I’m sad my little boy is growing up?!)! Thanks for linking up with Embellish is for BOYS!

  6. A beautiful baby gift for Magda’s new son.

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