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Quilted Bear Sleeping Bag

Miniature sleeping bag!

This post started out with a skirt!  I promise!  But then it morphed…

Quilted bear sleeping bagYep, pretty much not a skirt!  Here’s what happened.  Annie had asked me for a loooooong skirt, and being it was her birthday, I went to the fabric stash.  (There seems to be a sewing for birthday pattern happening here!)  Before I started looking through the boxes, I decided to put away some fabric that we’d gotten out for previous projects, and also delve into a bag of fabric and sewing related items that we’d been gifted from a sweet lady.  Boy, oh boy did I find some treasures!  There was a lot of really great quilting fabric, a few patterns, and also the beginning of a quilt!  Once upon a time (before I had children) I learned to quilt, and enjoyed making several of them.

quilt flatThis quilt top was 50 squares sewn together, each square about 3 inches square.  They were sewn 5 across and 10 long.  It was just the quilt top and some batting pinned on.  This was a sort of funny shape that I didn’t know exactly know what to do with, until I thought of Allegra’s quest for accessories for Sarah-Bear in time for Annie’s birthday.

bear sleeping bagFold it in 1/2 and you have a bear sleeping bag!  So I picked out some fabric for the backing that echoed the vintage feel of the quilt top.  (It also was in the bag!)  I pinned it on, and looked at some quilting patterns on Pinterest.  Now there are some fantabulous quilting patterns on Pinterest, but having done my research (“honey, I’m not wasting time on Pinterest, I’m doing research!”) I chose this easy one.

square quilting patternThis quilting pattern I chose took about 2 hours to quilt this very small quilt top, but so much time was spent stopping and turning!  I think it was worth it.  I love the finished look.

insideThe quilting on the inside reminds me of very old mattresses!  After I had it quilted, I trimmed it up and wrapped the backing around to become binding.  Then I put in a zipper from my stash.  The final step was to sew up the sides, and there you have it! A quilted bear sleeping bag!

Bear sleeping in bagI had so much fun remembering my quilting days that I wanted to start a new quilt right away.

bear sleeping bag frontOne of the boys has requested a quilt for his birthday, so maybe I’ll get back into some more quilting.

quilted sleeping bagAnd I could always incorporate a little quilting into my other sewing, like Simple Simon and Co. did on a skirt!  So what started out as a skirt, ended as a bear sleeping bag.  Enter one happy girl and bear…success!  Total Cost: $0…happy me!  Do your projects ever evolve like this bear sleeping bag did?

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We shared  this project with Saturday Sewing!

3 thoughts on “Quilted Bear Sleeping Bag

  1. Darling sleeping bag and I love the lining! Great job turning a WIP into a finished project and using up stash. Isn’t how funny how we can start a project in one direction and end up in a completely different direction!

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