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Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition Linen Contestants

Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition Contestants

We are honored to introduce you to our four contestants who will be sewing up a storm with linen fabric.

Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition Contestants

These ladies have all swapped linen fabric and will be creating something with it for your viewing pleasures!  Well, for your voting pleasure too!  And if you want, for YOUR sewing pleasure; there will be a sew along, with prizes!  Alright, here are the linen ladies:

Jen from A Jennuine Life:

Headshot 2013My name is Jenn and most days you can read about my creative adventures on my blog at A Jennuine Life.  I live in Michigan with my physicist husband Dave and we have two little girls, Arden (five) and Hadley (two). 

Ahoy-Matey-Matinee-21 I work part time as an accountant, and I enjoy combining the creative and analytic sides of my personality at my cutting table and sewing machine while my girls are sleeping.  My version of an epic Friday night is drafting patterns and sewing in my studio.  I’ve been sewing since I was a little girl, even creating doll clothes on my Grandma’s treadle foot Singer before I moved on to motorized versions.  I became more serious about garment sewing when I found sewing blogs while Arden was a baby.  I discovered the rush of drafting or modifying patterns as I gained experience and tried new techniques, and I have recently started selling PDF sewing patterns with my Camper Hat and Matinee Dress and Peplum Top patterns.  I’m working on the next pattern right now which hopefully should be released some time around when I share my challenge garment.

Ash PlaysuitI can’t wait to begin work on my project and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the challengers make!  Thanks for inviting me to participate!

Persimmon Clover RomperHere are Jenn’s social media links:





Janice from So-Cal Sewing Mom
DSC_0913Hi!  I’m Janice, and I blog at  In addition to running an on-line fabric shop, and working full time, I have four kids, two dogs, and a cat.  And a husband, who doubles as my webmaster and tech support.I’ve sewed for more years than I care to admit to – I learned in junior high school home economics class, and have sewn garments, Halloween costumes, curtains, bedding, and dog clothes.  I currently spend a good deal of my thinking-time coming up with cool clothing ideas to make for my now 4 year old daughter.  I love creating things for her that no one else has – it’s my creative outlet and therapy all in one.  Thanks for inviting me to participate in this challenge!

Sewing Collage
You can connect with Janice in these ways on social media:
My shop FB page:
My IG:  the_fabric_stash_boss
My blog:
Bonnie from Fishstick Designs
Hello, there, fellow sewing enthusiasts! My name is Bonnie.  I’m the designer behind Fishsticks Designs Sewing Patterns, and I blog at Sew Fishsticks. I’m also the crazy-busy homeschooling mom of six children, ranging in age from 24 down to 4, and I’m GiGi to a sweet little granddaughter who is almost 3. (Yes! I had a one-year-old when my first grandchild was born. I totally recommend it. It makes the transition from mom to grandmom so much easier!)
I adore sewing, and sew almost every single day. I have a tendency to sew things that are practical and useful, but still creative and fun to sew! The majority of my sewing is for my two youngest boys. I appreciate the challenge of making things for boys that are modern, cute and easy-to-wear.   FishsticksPic2_TanksI’m really enjoying sewing for my granddaughter now, too, though.  Little girl stuff is too much fun!
I love sharing tutorials, sewing tips, recipes, motivation and inspiration on my blog, and I would be thrilled for you to come visit me!
FishsticksPic4_PoolBagYou should connect with Bonnie on her blog, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Flickr, and her shop.
Sara from Gladys & Viv

introduction pic - sara (g&v)Hi, I’m Sara. I blog at Gladys and Viv (named after my great-grandmother and honorary grandmother–they’re both super awesome). I live in Portland, Oregon, work in a library, and commute by bike. I started sewing during college when, being tall and picky, I couldn’t find what I wanted (or even needed) in ready-to-wear clothes. I’m still primarily a garment seamstress, and a selfish one at that–I’ve sewn a few pieces of clothing for other people, as well as the odd item not meant to be worn, but mostly I just make clothes for myself. I mean, I do have to wear something… I often use vintage patterns and, when I can, vintage or thrifted fabric. And a vintage machine–a Singer 301A from the early ‘50s (that’s it behind me in the picture). I’m really honored, and excited, to be a part of Challenge Create. Can’t wait to see what everyone makes!
I’m on Pinterest here: and my blog is, but I’m not much good with social media, so that’s it for me.  Thanks again for inviting me to be involved with this!

Well, there you have it!  Isn’t it going to be an awesome week?  We are absolutely delighted to have these ladies using linen fabric to sew up their creations for us!  How about you, are you going to sew along with Linen Week for Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition?

Make it beautiful,


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