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Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Contestants

Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition Contestants

Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition ContestantsToday we get to introduce some of the Challenge Create: Fabric Swap contestants! We are so excited that these ladies agreed to play along. Since our 1st week’s theme is Red, White &/Or Blue, we’re going to introduce you to those ladies first. They have all mailed one other 2 yards of some fabric that is Red, White &/Or Blue, and now they are getting ready to sew up some fantastic creation with the fabric they receive!  Introducing Michelle, Stephanie, Noelle & Amy:

MichelleMartini3 Hello, everyone! My name is Michelle, and I blog over at Handmade Martini. Mostly I share sewing projects and tutorials, but sometimes I
write about things like joining a gym, living with a superhero, or getting a tattoo.

I started sewing in high school, learning by trial and error from the directions inside big-box sewing patterns. When our oldest son was born I delved into sewing for kids. Both my maternal great-grandmothers made a profession of sewing, but sadly I never sat down for a formal lesson with either of them. I am blessed to have inherited a big collection of vintage fabrics, patterns, and notions from my grandmother, and you’ll often see evidence of that in my projects. (Like feed sacks. And more feed sacks. Ad nauseam. Ad infinitum.)

MichelleMartini2My husband and I’ve been married 12 years and have three kids pretty close in age whom we home school. I’d love for you to stop by our space, clear off a spot to sit, and say “hi!”

stephanieHey! I’m Stephanie from Swoodson Says. I blog mainly about things I’ve crafted and sewn but also like to share roundups of fun things that caught my eye each week I find that deadlines and guidelines fuel my creativity and productivity so I love events like Challenge Create (but I will admit I’m not particularly competitive so when I say I’m looking forward to everyone else’s outfits, I mean it!).

I was lucky enough to grow up in a very creative environment with my Mom sewing my Halloween costumes and helping me refashion dresses, but I didn’t fully commit to learning how to sew until I became pregnant with my (now toddler) son. I especially like being able to make him things that aren’t strictly blue/truck/sports themed. I am self taught and try not to let my lack of knowledge and/or experience stop me from playing with fabric, embroidery, or yarn. My family has moved often and I truly appreciate how the online creative community fosters friendships that aren’t tied to a specific state. I spent several years mainly reading blogs starting and then deleting my own attempts when I decided my pictures weren’t fancy enough or my ideas weren’t creative enough… but I committed to a full year of regular posting in 2014 and am so glad thus far!

I’m still awaiting my fabric while I write this, and it’s fun to be expecting a surprise instead of just the utility bill in my mailbox! Thanks for having me!  Connect with me on: Google+ Twitter Facebook Pinterest Instagram

Noelle1I am Noelle Reed from The Sewing Sparrow. I am a 3rd grade teacher who squeezes in sewing every chance I get. I did not learn to sew until I was pregnant with my third and last child. I am pretty sure I was in the “nesting” phase of pregnancy when I woke up one morning and declared that the baby MUST have handmade bibs and burp cloths. Thank goodness for the internet which not only showed me how to work a sewing machine but also how to put together a bib.

noelle2Once the baby gear was done, I was hooked and quickly began sewing clothes. My older two are teens who roll their eyes at the idea of home made clothes but the littlest is too young to have much say in the matter so I tend to sew mainly for her. I am so excited to be a part of Challenge Create and can’t wait to see what everyone has put together.

AmyHi! I’m Amy and I blog with my best friend Tasha over at FriendsStitchedTogether. We started blogging last year as a way to stay connected while staying home with our kids – we like to share all the things sewn and cooked. I sew mainly for my two adorable boys and, when I just need to make a ruffle, my nieces. We recently started our own sewing series called CraftingCon, based on all the things we love to love! June’s theme is Harry Potter and July’s is Star Wars – if you like either, be sure to check it out!

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