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Birthday Skirt Refashion

birthday skirt

Last week was my birthday, so I decided just make myself a new skirt.

birthday skirtWhat don’t you sew on your birthday too?  I had embroidered denim fabric I had been waiting years to use.

denim mini refashionI bought the fabric at a store closing sale.  I don’t remember now but there was probably some discount for buying the whole bolt because I had a lot of this fabric.  A few years ago I used some of it for a fun project.  I made a good friend of mine a pocket organizer from scraps of denim, lace and ribbon.  I use this embellished fabric for the background.  It looked something like this, but I never got a picture of mine!

Denim-Wall-Storage-Pockets-Made-from-Old-JeansBut I still have a lot of the embroidered denim fabric left.  At first I wanted to make this pattern Simplicity 4966:

Simplicity 4966But in the end, I decided that wasn’t what I wanted to do.  So I went to our denim mini stash and started over.  I found this perfect green denim mini to start with.

denim mini refashionTo keep the integrity of the shape of the skirt, I measured both the circumference of the waistband and the hem of the denim mini.  Then I measured the length to figure out the distance over which the skirt sloped.  I extrapolated this information to figure out the angle at which I should continue on as I lengthened the skirt by adding the embroidered denim fabric.  Now there is probably a whole lot easier way to do this, but I was pretty happy with the final resulting shape.

birthday skirtAt the same time I bought the denim fabric I bought some matching crocheted trim.  I was going to run the crocheted trim diagonally across the skirt in several places to get the look of the Simplicity skirt, but after I put it on around the bottom, I was so happy with it, I stopped there!

colorblock skirtI love how the three distinct colors have a sort of uneven color block effect.

denim mini refashionOne other aspect of this skirt I really like is the belted waistband.  Right now, the skirt fits snugly, but as my body makes some post baby changes, I will probably end up needing the belt!

birthday skirt refashionI still have quite a bit of this fabric left over, so there’s room for more fun projects in the future!  Stay tuned!

Denim mini Refashion

Leave me a comment about what you do on your birthday!  Have you ever made yourself a birthday skirt?

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3 thoughts on “Birthday Skirt Refashion

  1. Happy Birthday!! Great skirt. I love the embroidery!

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  3. Happy birthday. Great skirt that will make you smile. You look fabulous!

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