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Vintage Paper Fashions

2 paper fashions

I thought it would be fun to do another fashion design post today. So since this week we’re echoing the (Hint of) Vintage week from Challenge Create: Adult Edition, I decided to make some paper fashions in vintage style.  So I got out our Paper Fashions (Klutz) kit.

For the first one, I decided to do a retro outfit made of a tank and skirt together resembling a sundress. I was going to do this out of a floral paper, but as I was looking through the fashion papers, I found this pink bubbles pattern and thought it was perfect! Next I decided to add a pink belt to break up some of the pattern. After that, I added the finishing accessories: a floppy sun hat and flip flops.

paper fashionThe whole outfit reminds me of something someone might wear to work in a garden, or attend a garden party! I glued the whole outfit to a mannequin that I’d cut out of black paper. I think an outfit like this would be adorable glued to the front of a “Thinking of You” card from one friend to another!

paper fashionMy next outfit is a more formal outfit, maybe someone would wear to work in an office. I started with a plaid red and beige paper for the shirt. I added black cuffs and a collar. Then I used denim looking paper for the skirt and added red accent pockets. I drew a small design across each pocket. To go with the ensemble, I made some black boots and again, drew a design on them. Last of all, I glued on black beads for buttons. This one I hung on one of the little metal hangers that came with the kit. It would be fun to use this outfit as the tag on a gift bag for a college graduate, going to their first job!

2 paper fashionsSince those tiny metal hangers are so stinking cute, they get used up pretty fast, but I found where you can buy extra ones on Amazon with this Extra Stuff for Paper Fashions Fancy kit.

You may have noticed that this blog post has a new feature…Amazon affiliate links!  We have decided that as much fun as we have simply creating for this blog, it would be totally awesome if this blog could help support our sewing habit too!  So we’ll be slowly adding affiliate links here and there for things we totally love and use.  This means if you click through and buy something we’ve recommended, we’ll get a tiny portion of the profits!  Hey ~ every little bit helps, right?

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