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Refashioned Skirt for a Bear!

refashioned skirt for a bear!

This week I have another Sarah-Bear post for you. To correspond with our Challenge Create: Adult Edition theme; Refashion, I made a little satin ballet skirt fort Sarah-Bear.

The thing is, I’m really particular about these outfits. The colors have to be exactly right. For instance, I don’t want to make too many red or orange clothes, because her fur is orangey-brown. On the other hand, I don’t want to make too much of just one color. Decisions, decisions.

2skirt to lampshade after 1Anyway, Remember –this- refashion?  It’s in our ebook, too!  I decided to use the bottom of the lining to make a small skirt for Sarah-Bear.

 Refashioned Skirt DIY Instructions:

1. I took the tube of satiny fabric and gathered it.

2. I sewed a tube out of swirly blue-and-white fabric for a waistband.

3. I sewed the satiny fabric onto the tube waistband.

refashioned skirt for a bear!

Ta-da! A refashioned skirt for Sarah-bear! This was pretty easy, and I love the way that it turned out. Admittedly, the skirt doesn’t have any snaps, buttons, or elastic, so it isn’t flexible at all. The good thing is, bears, as opposed to dolls, can be squished into satiny skirts, so that isn’t really an issue. The thing I would do differently if I ever did it again, is make the waistband a titchy bit bigger and fold it over so that it covers the top of the gathered part.

Oh yeah, I also made the white bow tie that Sarah-Bear is wearing. I didn’t want to make a top, so I just made this bow tie instead. I simply made a bow out of two tubes of fabric, and sewed them onto a white band that closes with a snap.

I think Annie is goin’ to looooooove this sweet little refashion, so remember, all y’all, mum’s the word! Nobody go leaking this to Annie, I think she suspects something already!

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