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Nature Inspired Outfit for a Bear!

nature inspired

We have been enjoying Challenge Create: Adult Edition so much, that we each did some of our own pieces, following along, of course with the themes. Today I’m going to show you my version.  You’ll see some more versions throughout the week!  Challenge Create:Adult Edition’s first week’s theme was Nature Inspired, and with spring coming on, and all the daffodils in bloom, and baby animals, I just couldn’t resist doing a little project of my own! The thing is, this also ties in with the ‘Annie’s Birthday’ project that I have been doing. If you read THIS post, then you will remember that I said that I was going to find a doll to make clothes for, and then give to Annie for her birthday. Well, I couldn’t find a doll that was just what I was looking for, and then it came to me; Sarah-Bear!

nature inspired

Now Sarah-Bear is this teddy bear our Aunt gave first to me, and which came from Harrods in London. It has been loved a lot, and the Harrods ribbon that was originally tied around her neck has been lost. Annie recently discovered Sarah-Bear, and she takes her EVERYWHERE. I mean everywhere – she sleeps with her, everything. Annie gets completely distraught if she thinks that Sarah-Bear has been lost, and I’ve had several trips in the middle of the night to go get Sarah-Bear from wherever she was forgotten. Anyway, seeing as Annie is attached to Sarah-Bear, I thought that I would make a set of clothes for Sarah-Bear instead of a doll.

I found some lovely mint-green fabric with pink and purple flower clusters that reminded me of spring, and some leftover pink fabric from This dress of Annie’s and sat down to design. I didn’t draw up a design this time because I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted to do, so I just started cutting (not always a good idea!)

nature inspired

For the first step, I cut out two pieces out of the green fabric; a large circle, and a strip about 15 inches long and 2 inches wide.

I cut a smaller circle out of the large circle, and cut through the remaining doughnut-shape so that the skirt would have an opening in the front. I hemmed the skirt, and the two cut sides.

Then I folded the long piece of fabric over, right side in, and sewed it into a tube. I then (laboriously) turned the tube inside out, ironed it and sewed it onto the skirt part to make a waistband.


I took this skirt and sewed the front back together, and hand-sewed buttons onto the front. The skirt was done.

All right. I took the pink fabric and cut out two identical rectangles. After this, I turned them inside out, ironed them, and pinned and sewed them into place for the straps.

nature inspired

Completely done! I did fashion a little pink lace bow secured by a safety pin, though, and I think it really adds a finishing touch.  Let me know what you think of my Nature Inspired outfit…for Sarah-Bear!

Always be Exciting,

5 thoughts on “Nature Inspired Outfit for a Bear!

  1. Dressing a stuffed animal is so fun & your Sarah Bear looks adorable!

  2. Adorable teddy bear dress! And I love that some of the material came from one of Annie’s dresses. I’m sure Annie will love it for her birthday! 🙂

  3. Love the bear dress!! Did you have to steal the bear away to take photos? I know she will LOVE it– as any mama of a favorite teddy would!!! Try to snap a photo/video of her reaction when she opens it!!

  4. Such a cute little dress. =D

  5. Beautiful Bear clothes! Do you by any chance have some patterns for them? I’d like to make some clothes for my daughter too. 🙂 Your’s are just gorgeous!

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