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(Hint of) Vintage Shirt Refashion

vintage shirt refashion

Today’s refashion doesn’t include a skirt…just to forewarn you!  But I modeled the finished product with a skirt, so you wouldn’t go into withdrawal.  Because I am 6 feet tall, I have all sorts of clothing problems.  Not only are clothes generally too short in length, but sleeves are also too short and shoulders are rarely wide enough.  So I have a few options: end up looking like I’m wearing my daughter’s clothes, buy specialty (read: very expensive) clothes, or I sew or refashion my own clothing.  Today I present you a refashion of two shirts.

vintage shirt refashionThe first shirt was an Abercrombie number I picked up at a second hand store because I loved the vintage print on it.  And the sleeves were (almost!) long enough.

Old Navy shirt refashionThe second shirt was actually an Old Navy tall that I ordered, but the shoulders were still too narrow.  Common occurrence for me.

Both of these shirts were made of very lightweight, thin material, so they had to be layered for modesty sake anyway.  So in honor of (Hint of) Vintage week I decided to refashion the two not-working shirts in to one that I would actually wear because they fit!  Novel idea, I know, I know!

I’m not going to go through all the steps because there ended up being so many I can’t remember them all, and also it was the sort of project where you do a step, try it on, tweak it a little, sew another step, try it on, etc. until you H.A.T.E. the thing so bad you think you’ll just throw it away!  This usually happens to me when I’m making something for myself, does it happen to you?  But I’ve found if I take that hated garment and put it away out of sight when I’m finished for a few weeks/months, then when I discover it again I’m amazed at this great garment I made because I’ve forgotten all the mistakes and reasons I hated it!  Does that ever happen to you, or is it just me?

vintage shirt refashionLooking at the after pictures, it looks just like I’m layering two shirts, so maybe I’ll end up wearing it after all.  I did make the shoulders wider, the top longer, and bigger around to accommodate my new nursing sized chest.

vintage shirt refashionI have one more question for you, do you think I should wear this with the green skirt or the blue one?  That is, if I ever decide to pull it out from the back of the closet where I’ve relegated it for the time being!  I do love that vintage print though…

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4 thoughts on “(Hint of) Vintage Shirt Refashion

  1. Why do you hate it? I love it! They work so well as one single piece. And I like it better with the green skirt. =D

    1. I think the think I dislike the most is that the floral shirt no longer meets at the sides where it sticks out the bottom of the green shirt. In the photos I’m using my hands to cover up this gap because is was either that or throw the shirt away! What do you think? Wear or not?

      1. Suggestion for the sides of the shirt that don’t meet! Why not “tie” the two sides together? I’m picturing the effect of like loose shoe laces that criss-cross & tie at the bottom with the strings dangling down a little ways. Seems like there are several side seam “cinch-type” blouses in the stores… That way it would be adjustable to how it fit too.

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