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DIY Nursing Shirt or Two!

DIY nursing shirtI’m going to show you two very fast and easy ways to make a DIY nursing shirt.  If you have about 5 minutes, you can whip up a nursing shirt for yourself.  This will keep you covered modestly while nursing.  It will also prevent your 3 year old son from walking up on you and yelling, “Mom, you need to get a shirt on!”  If he sees the tiniest bit of skin showing!

shirt beforeFor the first DIY nursing shirt you will need a shirt and a tank.

mens tank beforeI got my tank in the men’s undershirt section after spending about 20 minutes in the ladies lingerie section not able to find the right thing for the right price.  I mean, in the ladies section you pay about $10 each for a tank, and in the men’s section they sell them by the 5 pack for about $6!  So you can make yourself 5 nursing shirts if you do it this way!  Here’s the tutorial for the DIY nursing shirt:

Sew the shoulders of the tank to the shoulders of your shirt.  The only disadvantage I’ve found on these men’s tanks, is that the cut is very narrow through the shoulders, so if your shirt has a wide neck you are going to see the straps.  Or constantly adjust them, if you’re like me!  Next, put the 2 shirts on and mark where you want the opening slit to be.  Take it off and cut the slit to about 6 inches long.  Zig zag around the opening of the slit to keep it from tearing.  Repeat for the other side.  There you go!

nursing shirt openingDiscreet DIY nursing shirt #1.  (I put a white piece of paper under the opening so you could see it here!)

DIY nursing shirt afterNow the next DIY nursing shirt is actually an undershirt you can wear under any shirt.  You will need an undershirt with spaghetti straps like this.

DIY nursing tankCut off the strap at the back of the tank, and cut the front of the strap off 2 inches from where it attaches to the tank.  Make a loop from this 2 inch strap and sew it down to the front of the tank.   Loop this little loop around the clasp of your nursing bra, and you are done!  You can now keep your tummy covered while you are nursing.  And this DIY nursing shirt is not only much cheaper than the store bought ones, it offers better support than those nursing tanks.

DIY nursing tank afterIf you make yourselves these two DIY nursing shirts you will thank me!  And if these two get you in the mood for making some more, check out the nursing nightgown Magda just made and the gorgeous nursing shirt Becca just made too!

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3 thoughts on “DIY Nursing Shirt or Two!

  1. Seriously – why didn’t I think of that?? great idea!

  2. this is such a clever idea, anyone can do this. Thanks for the link to my post too. =D

  3. Wish I had found this for kiddo #1! Certainly going to use this idea for kiddo #2. Thanks!!

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