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Destash with a Bear!

Harrods Bear in rain jacket

To continue the Sarah-Bear posts, I bring you… Sarah-Bear Outerwear! It rhymes! I have two more dresses to show you, but I’ll save those till next week. Today I’m gonna show you the outerwear that I made for Annie’s bear. The week theme that I made them on was DeStash week, and even though every article of clothing for Sarah Bear I made was completely from our stash, I chose this for De-Stash week.

Harrods Bear in rain jacketArticle one is a little hooded short cape. You may remember this raincoat of Annie’s? Well, Mom helped me make a little cape out of the same material. Now Annie and Sarah-Bear can both be dry – and matching- when it rains.  We made the raincoat out of three sections of fabric, and when the hood wasn’t big enough to cover the whole head, we made ear slits so that the ears can stick through the hood. We lined the whole thing with black seam binding to match the black trim on Annie’s jacket.  We think that it looks adorable. It has pockets on the front made out of the same corresponding fabric as the raincoat, snaps closed, and has a button just for decoration!  We’ll have to post a picture of Annie & Sarah Bear together after her birthday.

sweater recycle

The second article is this little pink and black woven sweater and hat. I did not actually make these, but they were saved off of an old doll and since Annie presumably hasn’t seen them, and they fit Sarah-Bear, they’re going in the chest!  I love the little hat, and the pink roses on it! I’m sure that Annie will pair them over the dresses, so it won’t be a waste. In fact, we’ll call this a sweater recycle!  I’m planning on going to some thrift and flea markets soon, so keep an eye out for more Bear posts.

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