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Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition Announcement

Today we get to announce the next Edition of Challenge Create.  We’ve been brainstorming this one for a while, and we’re so excited to let you in on it!  It’s going to be a combination of several fun events; a sewing competition, a fabric swap, and a blog hop!  Announcing Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition!

250x250Challenge Create Fabric Swap Button Graphic BoldHere is the basic framework of Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition:

There will be 4 contestants each week for the month of July, for a total of 20 seamstresses!  Each contestant will exchange fabric appropriate to that week’s theme with another contestant for that week.  Then each contestant gets to sew something from the fabric they receive.  Each week there will be a winning contestant, but the contestant who sent them the fabric will also be rewarded!

There will be a sew along link party too, and the sew along participants will sew something appropriate to weekly themes!  There will be prizes for each week’s winning sew along participant, too!

The official dates for the competition are June 30th to August 1st.  Each week will have a great theme, and we’ll reveal these next Friday!

Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition is going to be a very fun experience for everyone involved!  Would you like to be a part of it?  We are currently sending out invitation emails, so if you haven’t received one and you’d like to participate, contact us!  (  We expect the competitor spots to fill up pretty fast, so don’t wait!  If you have ever considered what it would be like to compete in a sewing contest, this is a great, low-key way to find out as each contestant is only responsible for 2 things: sending someone else fabric, and sewing up something from fabric they receive!

One of the best things about Challenge Create: Adult Edition was the prizes that the sponsors donated.  That is going to be true this time also!  (Although we think receiving a fabric surprise and creating something from it is going to be pretty exciting too!)  Once again, we are so amazed by the generosity of the sewing community!  We’ll keep you updated about these awesome sponsors too.

In fact, we’ll update you every Friday from now until the contest begins about the latest Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition news! Or you could subscribe by email in the sidebar.  And if you plan to participate, grab the button and start spreading the news!

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3 thoughts on “Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition Announcement

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  2. This sounds fun, but in July is my due date, I’m not sure I can sew along… =X

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