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Challenge Create: Adult Edition Winner & 1st Runner Up

Alright, we won’t hold you in suspense any longer! Today we get to reward the Challenge Create: Adult Edition winner and the 1st runner up! Every single lady worked so hard, and we are so glad that everyone is being well rewarded for their amazing work. The 1st runner up of Challenge Create: Adult Edition is Michelle from Falafel and the Bee. Let’s take a minute and review her four outfits for Challenge Create: Adult Edition.

MichelleNatureInspiredMichelle’s Nature Inspired Outfit

michellerefashion2Michelle’s Refashioned Outfit

michelle in vintageMichelle’s (Hint of) Vintage Outfit

michelle destashMichelle’s Destash Outfit

Beautiful! What an amazing seamstress! Wouldn’t those four dresses be reward enough for anyone? But we’re so glad that the sponsors are going to help reward her for her hard work by giving her:

tiptop125x12525 patterns (a $39.99 value!) from Tip Top Fit Etsy shop

TRR-Circles-Logo-2$40 gift certificate from The Ribbon Retreat

Not A Skirt! eBookA copy of our ebook, Not A Skirt!

NDADAlso, as a special thank you from us personally, we are giving Michelle the book, New Dress A Day, by Marisa Lynch. Since Michelle totally rocked Refashion week, (hands down!) we know she (and her daughters) will enjoy this book!

We have a little secret to tell you about Michelle! Before Challenge Create: Adult Edition began, Michelle asked us if she could sew (adult size) clothing for her teenage daughter and her friends. Can you imagine how dull this contest would have been without Michelle’s spunky contributions? Without her smiling face?

We are so glad Michelle decided to make and model clothing for herself, aren’t you? We’d like everyone to go over to Falafel and the Bee and congratulate her!

Thank you, Michelle, for contributing such a fun spark to Challenge Create: Adult Edition. We can’t wait to see what you sew up in the future!

This brings us to the Challenge Create: Adult Edition winner, the Becca & Suzanne team from Pattern Revolution. Let’s take a minute and review their four outfits for Challenge Create: Adult Edition.

becca&suzanneBecca & Suzanne’s Nature Inspired Outfits

Becca& Suzanneweek2Becca & Suzanne’s Refashioned Outfits

becca&suzannevintageBecca & Suzanne’s (Hint of) Vintage Outfits

Becca&Suzanne destashBecca & Suzanne’s Destash Outfits

What a great team! What amazing outfits! What awesome sewing talent! As if those four outfits aren’t reward enough, our sponsors are going to make sure Becca & Suzanne are well rewarded with:

SewSquirrel125x125$60 gift voucher from Sew Squirrel

Fat Quarter Shop Certificate$50 gift certificate from The Fat Quarter Shop

Laura Marsh Designs£15/$25 gift voucher from Laura Marsh Design

orangePCHCsalt$25 gift basket from Pure Hearts Clean Hands Soap Co.Not A Skirt! eBook2 copies of our ebook, Not A Skirt!

liquidPHCHsoapAnd as a special thank you from us personally, we are doubling the gift basket from Pure Hearts Clean Hands Soap Co. so each of these hardworking ladies can be pampered!

The judges were in agreement, (and we concur) that Becca & Suzanne sewed up some amazingly complex outfits using very skilled sewing techniques. We learned in the course of this contest that Becca has only been sewing adult clothing since January! And we also learned that even though Suzanne has a personal blog, she (and Becca) chose to represent Pattern Revolution as a team for the course of Challenge Create: Adult Edition. We were so glad to have them along for the contest.   They added such a modern, stylish element to the challenge.

We’d like everyone to go visit Becca & Suzanne at Pattern Revolution and congratulate them on their win.

Please be sure to come back tomorrow as we tell you more about the second set of sponsors and finish up rewards week with thank you presents for our hard working judges. Seriously, would you like to have been a judge for this contest?

And then be sure to come back next Friday, May 9th, as we reveal where Challenge Create: Adult Edition is headed next! And until then, we’ll be showing you what we were up to during Challenge Create: Adult Edition!

Make it beautiful,


10 thoughts on “Challenge Create: Adult Edition Winner & 1st Runner Up

  1. Congratulations to all of you ladies.
    Michelle, I am so glad you modeled yourself, you have a wonderful smile. Becca, it is great that you sew women clothes for such a little time and can do it so good. Suzanne, you know I admire all you do with 3 small kids.

  2. Thanks Magda! And thanks to Audrey for including me in this fun competition!
    Congrats to Becca and Suzanne! You ARE a very good team!

  3. So fun, thanks for hosting a great challenge!

  4. Congratulations ladies! You all did a great job, and it was a pleasure being in the contest with you. Enjoy your fun prizes! 🙂

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