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Week 2 Scores and Week 3 (Hint of) Vintage Sew Along

Can you just believe last week?!  We have never been so impressed by refashions as we were last week!  Each of our contestants submitted their amazing Refashioned outfits.  They put their all into creating and sewing these outfits, and they were truly fantastic.  The way Challenge Create: Adult Edition works is that each week the judges grade the contestants for 75% of the contestants’ score, and you vote for your favorite creation for 25% of the score.  At the end of the four weeks, the contestant with the highest score takes home the grand prize.  But there are also 1st, 2nd and 3rd runner up prizes, so each of these hardworking ladies is rewarded!  This week, the judges have had their say, and you voted, and the accumulated scores for this week are:

Becca & Suzanne from Pattern Revolution: 80

Magda from House of Estrela: 76

Michelle from Falafel and the Bee: 85

Stacy from The Land of K.A.: 78

Which makes the accumulated totals:

Becca & Suzanne from Pattern Revolution: 166

Magda from House of Estrela: 154

Michelle from Falafel and the Bee: 158

Stacy from The Land of K.A.: 150

We also had a great Refashion sew along!  The viewer’s choice winner was: Shannon from 2nd Story Sewing!

shannonweek2winnerGo visit Shannon (and Betsy) and tell her how awesome her refashioned outfit for Challenge Create: Adult Edition is!

She will take home a $10 gift certificate from The Fat Quarter Shop

The Fat Quarter Shop

2 patterns from Shop Onion


and a free copy of our refashion ebook, Not A Skirt!

Not A Skirt! eBook

All the other sew along contestants have received a 1/2 off coupon for Not A Skirt!  Thanks to everyone who participated in some way to make the week great!

(Hint of) Vintage graphicWe are sure this week is going to be amazing too!  Starting tomorrow, we get to present to you our contestants creations for Challenge Create: Adult Edition week 3: (Hint of) Vintage Week.  Once again we encourage everyone to link up your (hint of) vintage clothing creation.  Be assured that your sew along link will uplift and spur on the contestants.  You have until Friday morning to link up.  Voting for both the sew along and the contestants’ (hint of) vintage outfits opens Friday morning and ends Sunday morning.  Are you ready?  We can hardly wait to see what you make!  

 Here is the description for the (Hint of) Vintage Theme:

Challenge Create: Adult Edition Week 3: (Hint of) Vintage

No question about it, there have been some amazing fashion creations in the past!  Which vintage fashion catches your eye?  Incorporate something from that into your creation this week.  Because unless you have an upcoming Renaissance Revival Fair, no one really needs a whole brocade dress complete with pearls and panniers!  (And if you are making a costume for the next Civil War reenactment…bring it on!)

We are so excited to see what you design!  We have a little reward for you from one of our sponsors, Laura Marsh Designs.  During Challenge Create: Adult Edition, using the promo code for the month of April gives you 15% off patterns on the website. One user per customer code: SKIRTFIXATION15  To take advantage of this special offer, just click through the Laura Marsh Sewing Patterns button in the sponsors section of the  sidebar, and use the promo code when you check out.  Also, as a special thank you, our sew along contestants will receive a coupon code via email when you enter the sew along to buy our ebook, Not A Skirt! at 50% off!

Be sure to come back tomorrow as we unveil our first contestant’s (Hint of) Vintage creation!

Make it beautiful,

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  1. Yey Michelle! I knew you’d make it this week! Congratulations!!!!

  2. Thank you! I think we all did great!

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