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Michelle @ Falafel and the Bee’s Refashion Creation

refashion by Michelle

Today we get to unveil the first of the Refashion Creations from our four contestants.  Introducing Michelle from Falafel and the Bee:


Usually, I like to alter an existing garment (without changing the style too much) to my size. It is one of the best things about thrifting. You can make anything fit.

For this challenge, I really wanted to push the limits of my creativity, though, and step away from what I normally do.

It started with finding this shirt at the thrift store (And then the song “Love me, Honey Do” by Patsy Cline came into my head ~and hasn’t left yet). Oh my wow. It had such great details and was a Men’s Large. It was such a strange Men’s Large, though. It had short arms and was super tall and narrow. I have no idea who this was intended for, but am thankful I found it! I just added a Twin black flat bed sheet into the mix, and this is what happened…

PicMonkey Collage

I used a pattern for the bodice that I have never used for me before. Simplicity adjustable fit. It was awesome. I had to do quite a bit of finagling (ie: MATH), but when I finished, the end result is a perfectly fitted bodice.


I took apart the entire shirt and started with making the bodice front from the back of the shirt. I used the sleeve cuffs as a peplum type feature in the front. The front yoke became a bustle in the back (as well as extending my snaps- I’ll get to that in a second).


I wanted to keep the snap placket from the front as my closure in the back, but soon realized it would not be wide enough to get on and off if I sewed it to the skirt part of the dress. So I took a second piece of the placket that I had lopped off from the top of the shirt, and extended the snaps in the back. I attached the skirt portion of the dress to either side of that placket, allowing the dress to be opened all the way down my back. Whew. That was hard. But it worked like a charm!

Oh and those sleeves? They were the collar. I cut it in half, finished the ends, and sewed them in!


This is the dress without the crinoline underneath.


And with a little puffy support.

I had a lot of fun with this one, and used every bit of that shirt! That always feels good.

Head over to my blog for more details and so many more photos!

Thank you Michelle, and we have a little request…can we hire you for our personal seamstress?  You are absolutely AMAZING!  Everyone be sure to come back tomorrow for the next Refashion Creation, and be sure to link up your own Refashion Clothing in the sew along!

8 thoughts on “Michelle @ Falafel and the Bee’s Refashion Creation

  1. OMG Michelle! I am blown away by your refashion! GREAT job!

  2. Great Job Michelle – I knew it would be awesome ;o) All the details are just so fun and you totally scored in finding a shirt with such gorgeous embroidery! Hugs!

  3. This is amazing!!! I’m super impressed and blown away!

  4. Great job! That is so fun and love the shirt’s details and how you put them into the dress. Good choice on upcycling that into an amazing dress for you!

  5. Thanks everyone! I showed you my inner Rockabilly with this one:)

  6. Awesome refashion!! Extremely creative, and well done to keep all the best parts of the shirt! I’ve never seen a thrift store shirt + a black bed sheet look so good!!

  7. Thanks Becca and Anna!

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