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Magda @ House Of Estrela’s Nature Inspired Creation

Our second contestant is here today to present you her Nature Inspired Creation.  Unveiling Magda from House of Estrela:

First week here, and I assumed this theme challenge in two ways, divided into the two pieces I created. When I first thought about Nature… Spring… I thought about poppies.  I loved seeing them popping in when Spring arrived. I used it as my inspiration and chose my fabric for the shirt/tunic. It is a dark blue chiffon, with some sort of polka dots that aren’t red nor orange. 

 My tunic fits now, and after I give birth, even when nursing. Self drafted pattern, it’s long and wide enough to grow a bit more with the belly, with some hand sewn puckering on the front top, and across the back. To finish it off and fit it to my figure, I’ve sewn a belt.

And now that I have told you about the tunic and first inspiration road, let me tell you about the second way I looked at “nature inspired” and the shorts. Nature = Mother Nature = Maternity… of course! Nature is right now working its way on me and I couldn’t let it pass on unmentioned. I first thought about making maternity pants, but I already had a pair and what I really missed in my wardrobe, now that warmer days are closer, are shorts. I drafted the pattern out of my own maternity jeans, but instead of using a large belly band, I switched it in my piece for a smaller band with a wide elastic. The construction of the shorts was pretty much the same as you sew jeans, I can’t precise what fabric is this, it’s not denim or chambray, but feels quite similar to it. 

To personalize my shorts, I wanted to somehow add a maternity symbol so I searched for one. I came across an image that I absolutely adored and tried to recreate in my pockets, with a free hand drawing using red and black fabric markers. In the other pocket, I have stitched _ _ _ MATERNITY=love _ You can barely see it. The shorts are fully topstitched, and have front pockets that we failed to detail photograph too. I made them a little roomy for now, with space to grow.

Thank you Magda!  From one expectant mother to another, we think you (and your nature inspired outfit) rock!  Everyone be sure to come back tomorrow for the third nature inspired creation!  See you there!

11 thoughts on “Magda @ House Of Estrela’s Nature Inspired Creation

  1. Thank you!
    oh my pregnant brains… I forgot to add a link to my blog… there are a few more pictures…

  2. you and your baby bump are just too cute!!!!!!!!!!!! I really love that top, I wish I had something that adorable when I was pregnant…. and you know you steal my heart everytime you do something in red ;o) Hugs, awesome job!

    1. Thank you Suzanne… Oh, after reading your comment I realised i do tend to sew in red, don’t I?!

  3. Magda, you look so cute in your maternity outfit! I love the colors and that maternity picture on the pocket is really sweet. Great job!

    1. Thank you Stacy! I love maternity clothes, we always look good on them! =D

  4. Magda, the top is absolutely beautiful! And you are gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Sara! =D

  5. Wow, how beautiful! Love your baby bump…. and the outfit of course. Great job!

    1. Thank you Jessica! I had fun making this.

  6. You look so sweet, Magda. LOVE your outfit!

    1. Thank you Michelle! =D

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