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Magda @ House of Estrela’s Refashion Creation

Today we get to present our third contestant and her Refashion Creation for Challenge Create: Adult Edition.  Unveiling Magda from House of Estrela:

This has to be one of my favourite themes from the challenge. After all, most of the things I make are refashioned on a daily basis, and I host a Refashion Series (now twice a year), so me, me, me all over it.

 However, when I went looking in my pile, I couldn’t find anything I’d really turn into maternity clothes, the only appealing thing to me was this long orange dress, original from the 70’s that, if I am honest with you, loved just as it was. But it was outdated, and I believe I’d be called “crazy” if I went outside wearing it.

I picked it for my project. I knew exactly what I wanted to make out of it, and also that I needed something else to go with it. I had a very clear idea of what I wanted/needed so it turned out pretty easy for me.

I didn’t have anything in the stash that would go with the orange so I went thirft shopping in my usual charity shop, and found a child’s size dress for 0,50€ (about $0.70) (amazing, right?!). I wasn’t sure if it’d fit me at all or not, but I brought it home with me.

The brown “things” in the before photo? Two pieces, leg leftovers from a toddler’s trousers. I used those for the handbag/clutch.

So… in order to get the new look out of these two pieces, I did more unpicking and hand sewing that anything else. I started by taking off the flower on the front, the sleeves and the neckline ruffles from the dress, and hemming it to my height. I had to do a lot of unpicking, and then sewing again, so the dress would look even.


For the Cardigan, which was previously the dress, I did a bit more. I started by turning it around, front-back wise. I’ve removed the sleeves cuff – which was too tight for me, I’ve added an elastic to the hem instead and used some of the original lace from the dress sleeves. To close my cardigan, I used vintage lace, and tight in the front. Both dress and cardigan, have an invisible stitch on their hems, which I did by hand too. 

On the back of the cardigan I added some lace too, to make it a bit wider as I walk. I also changed the front to make it sort of triangular, and follow the dress shape instead how having a straight line.
To finish off the look, I made myself a new clutch. For this I used the trousers legs leftovers, the flower I took off from the dress and also scraps from the cardigan. I hemming it shorter, and those pieces were the ones I used for the clutch.
For more photos on my look, please visit my blog, HERE

Wow, Magda!  We think your comfortable, feminine, flowy outfit embodies motherhood just as beautifully as you do!!  Way to refashion!  Everyone be sure to come back tomorrow to see the last refashion creation and to vote!  Also, if you haven’t linked up to the refashion sew along yet, you still have time!

5 thoughts on “Magda @ House of Estrela’s Refashion Creation

  1. Oh Magda you look lovely. I really like what you did! So beautifully feminine and flowy.
    Makes me think of Summer!

  2. That is a wonderful refashion, Magda! You look beautiful in your long flowing dress.

  3. How nice to have something new for pregnancy!! The clutch is a cute addition ~ I will be saving the jeans scraps when we turn pants into cutoffs this summer!

  4. How nice to have something new for pregnancy! The coordinating clutch is a really cute addition! I will be saving scraps when we turn pants into cut offs this summer!

    I also peeked over at your blog and L-O-V-E the newborn onesie made out of solids and striped!!

  5. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your comments.

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