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Magda @ House of Estrela’s (Hint of) Vintage Creation

Today we get to present you our fourth and final submission for the (Hint of) Vintage theme.  Unveiling Magda from House of Estrela:

What a week! What a theme!

When I first knew the themes, I was very excited with them all. Then I started to feel depressed about this third week. Vintage… a hint of it… so many possibilities, so many great things I could do… if I wasn’t pregnant. No matter what time from the past I’d pick to get inspired by, there were always garments I was sure I couldn’t turn into maternity wear. This would be the week I’d go back to the era of the corsets. Did I ever mention how much I love them? I am pretty sure I did. But, there’s no way I can fit into a corset right now. I went for a 50’s inspired look after all… Just a bit…

My main (vintage) focus was the skirt. I didn’t want to make a very complicated one. I wanted something with some twirl, suitable during pregnancy and after. And I was sure I wanted to use the red plaid fabric I had in my stash for years. To get this look all I did, was to sew a fabric tube, hem it, shirr the top of it and attach to a rib knit band. Skirt done!

To complete my vintage look I needed something for the top. And at 26-27 weeks along, I started thinking not so much of only flowy clothes to wear during pregnancy, but also something, I could possibly wear after, suitable for nursing too. Yes, I believe nursing is important, and having clothes that allows an easier nursing period even better. Especially, when you’re not a huge fan of button up shirts, which is where I fit. I’ve had this idea in mind for quite a while and was sure I wanted to use it during the challenge. It’s not my own idea though, I’ve seen it a couple times online. SO, what was it? Making a top, with access to nursing, by adding two openings on each side.

I drafted the top pattern out of one of my store bought shirts. The original had some puckering on the front, a circle collar and was about my waist long. For my own, I wanted the collar to be slightly squared shaped so the openings would look better. I did the openings with this technique here, and used snaps to close it. And I made it much longer, as a tunic. I like it so much I’ve been wearing it for two days already. 

Quite a simple outfit this time, that works just great for me and my figure at the moment. For this photoshoot I’ve used a belt, but I can also wear it without it, works well both ways. And I totally can wear the tunic in a less formal way, with a pair of leggings. You can see the three ways I’ve been wearing them below.

If you want to see more photos, visit my blog HERE

Oh, Magda, you are so inspiring!  And the way you think ahead to your future needs is just fantastic!  We love your (hint of) vintage outfit!  Now it is time to review and vote!  Here is another look at each of the (Hint of) Vintage outfits:


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michelle in vintageMichelle @ Falafel and the Bee’s (Hint of) Vintage outfit.

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magda in vintageMagda @ House of Estrela’s (Hint of) Vintage outfit.

Now it’s time for you to participate.  Vote in the poll for your favorite Refashioned outfit.  Voting is open NOW and ends at 8 am Sunday.  Remember, 25% of their score is based on your vote!

Vote for your favorite (Hint of) Vintage Outfit!

  • Stacy @ The Land of K.A. (5%, 10 Votes)
  • Michelle @Falafel and the Bee (17%, 32 Votes)
  • Magda @ House of Estrela (31%, 60 Votes)
  • Becca & Suzanne @ Pattern Revolution (47%, 89 Votes)

Total Voters: 191

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Voting is also now open on the Sew Along entries, and you get to choose the winner, so be sure to visit the Sew Along seamstresses and vote there too!  Come back Monday when we reveal the winners!

7 thoughts on “Magda @ House of Estrela’s (Hint of) Vintage Creation

  1. Ladies…you all look WONDERFUL!!!! How fun to see all of you all dressed up!!!!

  2. Oh Magda!! Your outfit is awesome! I like this one the best so far!
    You look absolutely beautiful. I love the photos your hubby took.
    Fantastically practical too!

  3. Magda you look GORGEOUS! I would totally rock that look!

  4. Magda – you are just too cute!!!! I love that top, genius. I think we all rocked it this week ;o)

  5. Magda, you look fantastic in that outfit. Great colors for you. 🙂 That top is a super idea, too, for nursing.

  6. Thank you ladies! I’m feeling overwhelmed with all the great feedback I’ve been getting from this week. You all make me smile! Everyone was just so good this week, I didn’t want to be one of the judges for sure. =D

  7. Love, love, love the nursing top! Great job Magda, designing an outfit that is versatile enough to wear now and after baby comes!

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