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Magda @ House of Estrela’s Destash Creation

Today we get to share with you the first contestant for the final week of Challenge Create: Adult Edition.  Presenting Magda from House of Estrela and her Destash Creation:

This week’s theme was “Destash”, and well, that is exactly what I’ve been doing for the last couple of years, so this should have been an easy week. But I’ll be honest! It wasn’t! So many things went wrong. Read why on my blog. But I made it!
I really thought I wouldn’t be able to have an outfit done for this week’s entry.  I even considered giving up on the pieces I was making and start all over with something quite simple.
Before picking any patterns, I went looking at my fabric stash. I picked this very light grey cotton. It’s not in the stash for a long time, contrary to most of my stuff. I bought it already in 2014, and I am sure if it wasn’t for this challenge it would just sit there for a much longer time. 
I decided to make a pair of trousers with it. What?! Yeah! I just went a little crazy here. It was the only piece of clothing I said I wouldn’t be making because I already had two maternity pants and didn’t need a third pair. But this would allow me to use a lot of the fabric. I used a regular women’s trousers pattern from Burda, it has two pleats on the front and two on the back, and side pockets. It original had a high waist and a zipper on the side, but of course I had to adjust that to maternity wear. I’ve cut it on the front and attached a knit band that goes all over my belly. To make this, I used an old shirt, and an elastic on the top of the band so it will fit until the end of the pregnancy. 
When I figured out the pants, before going into the patterns again, I went looking into the fabric stash. I had this mustard piece of fabric that I had been saving (for years). It was the best colour to go with the grey pants, so I picked it. Then I chose the tunic, it was from a maternity clothes Brazilian magazine. I loved the pattern, but the picture of the tunic they had kept me skeptic about it until I finally started doing my own.  I tried to follow the instructions, but they were so basic that I was quite confused when I got to the button placket. I just couldn’t put it together and had to work it out on my own. It has some decorative zebra printed ribbon on the chest. It closes in the front with three wood buttons, from my stash, just like the ribbon. Another feature of the tunic, is the pleats on the front. And I can wear it while nursing too!
So, even though it was finished on the last minute, the photoshoot was quick and conditioned by the weather, I am pleased with my last outfit for Challenge Create. For more info and photos, visit my blog HERE
Once again, Magda, you’ve really sewed up an amazing outfit!  That cute little top will be perfect for the summer months of pregnancy and nursing!  We are amazed by your resourcefulness throughout this entire Challenge!  We are so glad you persevered and were a contestant on Challenge Create: Adult Edition!  You brought such femininity and grace to the Challenge.  Everyone, come back tomorrow as we show you the next contestant’s destash creation!

3 thoughts on “Magda @ House of Estrela’s Destash Creation

  1. Great job, Magda! The shirt is really pretty with those pleats and the extra fun ribbon. What a great nursing top, too! The pants look very nice on you, too. I made quite a few of those types during my last pregnancy, only I used swimsuit fabric for the over belly panel. Nicely done! 🙂

  2. Beautifully done, Magda! I love that shirt with the wide leg pants! Very sweet.

  3. Thank you! I’m so curious to see what both of you did this week!

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