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Challenge Create: Adult Edition 2nd Runner Up

Today our fun task continues. We get to reward another very hard working lady! The 2nd runner up for Challenge Crete: Adult Edition nearly worked herself into oblivion! We would like to present Magda from House of Estrela! Let’s take a minute and review her four outfits for Challenge Create: Adult Edition.Magda - Nature InspiredMagda’s Nature Inspired Outfit

magda refashionMagda’s Refashioned Outfit

magda in vintageMagda’s (Hint of) Vintage Outfit

magda destashMagda’s Destash Outfit

What an amazing maternity wardrobe! What an amazing lady! Does she not personify motherhood in all it’s grace, softness and beauty? We think she deserves to be well rewarded for her hard work, and our sponsors are going to make this possible by donating to Magda:


$35 of her choice of sewing supplies from A Fashionable Stitch

Laura Marsh Designs3 pack of patterns from Laura Marsh Designs

Not A Skirt! eBookA copy of our ebook, Not A Skirt!

Also, as a special thank you from us personally, we are giving Magda a gift basket of our favorite handmade baby essentials. (Yes, there will be a future blog post about this!)

We are also very, very impressed that as well as her four very gorgeous maternity outfits for Challenge Create: Adult Edition, Magda sewed along with Project Run & Play and also Kids Clothing Week! What an amazing lady and mother, that Magda!

Everyone was in agreement that Magda’s outfits were ones that they would love to have during pregnancy. After all, it’s a time when comfort is so important, and so hard to come by! A little behind the scenes about Magda. She worked so very hard on all her creations, and sewed her heart out, and nearly wore herself out! She wasn’t sure she was going to be able to complete the final week, but we’re so glad she did! We sincerely hope Magda takes the rest of her pregnancy at a slower pace…maybe relaxing on the beach (from her refashion photos) in some of her amazing maternity outfits!

We’d like everyone to go visit Magda at House of Estrela and congratulate her. We wish every woman a beautiful motherhood like Magda!

Thank you, Magda, for contributing such softness and grace to Challenge Create: Adult Edition. We’ll see you in July over at House of Estrela when we contribute to Refashion Month there.

4 thoughts on “Challenge Create: Adult Edition 2nd Runner Up

  1. Thank you so much ladies! It was so much fun to take part of this challenge. You motivated me to sew my maternity wardrobe and that, as I’ve kept saying felt like winning anyway for me. Thanks to all the sponsors too, and how thoughtful the basket for the baby… it almost brought tears to my eyes.

  2. Magda, you did a wonderful job on creating your maternity wardrobe. Sorry to hear you were so worn out, though! Definitely relax now that you are done with the challenges and enjoy your new clothes (and prizes!). 🙂

  3. Magda! You are fabulous. You made beautiful clothing (while growing a beautiful baby)!
    Nicely done, friend.

  4. […] up and thought hoped inspiration would hit later.  Then Magda was one of our contestants during Challenge Create: Adult Edition, and we learned a lot more about her, including that she was expecting a baby boy.  By the time […]

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