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Becca & Suzanne @ Pattern Revolution’s Refashion Creation(s)

Today we get to present you our fourth and final refashion creation(s!)  Unveiling Becca & Suzanne from Pattern Revolution:

Becca: I see London, I see France, I see SUZANNE’S UNDERPANTS! And two table cloths, button-up, AND a belt buckle and 2 reclaimed zippers?? You nailed this week’s refashion challenge!

Suzanne: Hahahahahha – I still can’t believe you helped convince me to go with the black lace sleeves knowing where it came from! But as an avid re-fashion/up-cycler, there is nothing off limits in my sewing room.

But hold the phone… I am in love with that skirt, and all the fabric in it, did you seriously make that from an Ikea Duvet Cover?

B: Oh yeah, my whole look is built from a duvet cover, one of hub’s old t-shirts, and a bag a girlfriend donated for the cause! I was really scraping the bottom of the barrel for this challenge. Five bags worth of Goodwill donations last month didn’t leave me with a whole lot to work with!

S: bad timing! This is why I have friends drop off their Goodwill bags to me first… hmmmm and maybe why my sewing room looks like a clothing bomb went off!

B: Totally worth it, if it means you get a leather jacket out of the deal! Tell me about that beauty. It perfectly fits with our “Rocker Chic” inspiration for this week!

S: Well, leather might be stretching it a bit…. pleather might be stretching it a bit…. this beauty is made from a Vinyl outdoor tablecloth. Now it is my own personal gorgeous white cropped ‘leather’ jacket. It was no ‘picnic’ working with it though, I had to top stitch the seams so they didn’t rip out.  The double rows of top stitching perfectly fit the style of this jacket.
Speaking of leather…. did you make that leather belt?

B: I did! Also more of a “pleather” material. I seam ripped the whole bag to pieces and attached the two side pocket flaps to one long “belt” band made from the longest useable piece on the bag itself – the bottom! (Not going to lie, it was a total self-high-five moment)

S: I’ll give you a high five for that one!!! And your top, you said that was a normal old T shirt once upon a time?

B: No m’am. It was a GRUNGY old T-Shirt. One the hubs did yard work in, and took him little-to-no convincing to part with. But it doesn’t get any less ROCK N’ ROLL than an old Old Navy hand-me-down. So I thought I’d break up the cliche logo with some strategically placed pleats, and a healthy splash of bleach. I love the cool asymmetrical hem detail too!

S: Nice! I love little details like that hem and how it balances out that MEGA slit in your skirt.

B: Oh yeah, Lots of leg, and lots of TWIRL factor courtesy of the many godets I used, too! But I’m not the only one twirling in rocker chic – tell me about that dress!

S: I started with the MHC Caroline Dress as a base and switched out the the skirt for a circle skirt. I knew I wanted to use a men’s button up, but there isn’t enough in even the largest size oxford to create a circle skirt on my figure, so I mixed in a coordinating fitted sheet from my stash to create a modern look. I love how flattering this is!

And it TOTALLY is! Check the Pattern Revolution blog for answers to your most pressing questions. Like, “Did Suzanne really scrap a zipper from an old hole-y hoodie?” and “How many dye bathes does it take to get Becca’s skirt that color?”

Yep, you two have totally rocked the refashion!  Of course the SKIRT is our favorite part!!  Now it is time to review and vote!  Here is another look at each of the Refashioned outfits:


Michelle @ Falafel and the Bee’s Refashioned Outfit

stacy's refashion

Stacy @ The Land of K.A.’s Refashioned Outfit

magda refashion

Magda @ House of Estrela’s Refashioned Outfit

Becca& Suzanneweek2Becca & Suzanne @ Pattern Revolution’s Refashioned Outfits

Now it’s time for you to participate.  Vote in the poll for your favorite Refashioned outfit.  Voting is open NOW and ends at midnight Saturday.  Remember, 25% of their score is based on your vote!

Vote for your favorite Refashion!

  • Stacy @ Land of K.A. (6%, 9 Votes)
  • Magda @ House of Estela (8%, 12 Votes)
  • Michelle @ Falafel and the Bee (37%, 56 Votes)
  • Becca & Suzanne @ Pattern Revolution (49%, 74 Votes)

Total Voters: 151

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Voting is also now open on the Sew Along entries, and you get to choose the winner, so be sure to visit the Sew Along seamstresses and vote there too!  Come back Monday when we reveal the winners!

5 thoughts on “Becca & Suzanne @ Pattern Revolution’s Refashion Creation(s)

  1. here is the direct link for all the details on our looks ;o)

  2. Underwear? Will you stop at nothing? LOL, I <3 you ladies! Rocked it again!

  3. Once again, you gals did a great job!
    LOVE that twirl:)

  4. Nice job ladies…way to refashion! Love that little white jacket! 🙂

  5. OMG ladies! Well done… Suzanne… I so loved your dress, underwear in it or not! hehe

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