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Becca & Suzanne @ Pattern Revolution’s Destash Creation(s)

Today we get to present you our second contestant team for the final week’s event.  Unveiling Becca & Suzanne from Pattern Revolution with their destash creation(s):

Becca: I’ll admit, of all the themes this month, I was most prepared for DESTASH! I have *so* much fabric I’ve collected over the last year of my sewing adventure, and one print in particular I’ve been dying to use. But see.. it isn’t especially versatile, this print of mine. It’s sorta, kinda… TRIBAL.

But I’m not the only one with a vision. Suzanne has had a fabulous city-slicker trench planned for weeks. Merging our visions, we decided an “URBAN JUNGLE” theme was the way to go!

Suzanne: Well, any girl entering the jungle needs to be well prepared – which means: layers, prints that will help her blend with the indigenous tribes, and a weapon – Killer Heels!

I really was set on a trench style coat though – I have been wanting one for a while but couldn’t afford the retail ones I fell in love with.

You may not believe this, but this is the same Burda Pattern I used in the Refashion week! Wellllllll, sorta…. I used it as a base and drafted a skirt, the cross over lapels, and the gathered back, along with the trench sash tie. My favorite thing is that every single seam is finished with bias tape binding – my fingers are still a bit singed!

I LOVE that the you used a contrast bias! It’s details like that you can’t find in retail!

What about that coat of yours – it just looks so cool!

Thanks girl, I’m *kinda* obsessed with it actually! It’s also a Burda jacket base… but I made it REVERSIBLE! (Gotta knock out another fabric from the stash, amiright?) It’s rib knit across the cuffs and waistband, so it’s super comfortable, for such a fitted piece.

I love that – so versatile!!!!! And yes – hubs keeps eyeing my stash and the garbage bags! It looks amazing on you!

I’m pumped with how the bomber turned out, considering it was my FIRST time working with a reversible zipper.. OR a separating zipper for that matter! *backpat*

But tell me about that inner animal I see you rocking under the trench, is that an IKAT print tank?

You did awesome! And yes, that is some awesome Ikat I scored from Fabric Fairy. I adapted the Penelope Peplum to a tank… it looks pretty tame from the front, but turn it around, and this girl has a wild side!

Oh la la! EYE will LET you make me a saucy cross-back tank like that anytime, my friend! I love that design! I can’t believe how easy you make self-drafting patterns look!

It comes from years of looking at things in stores and not being able to fit in them or afford them – and saying, ‘I can make that.’ Speaking of tops – I completely love the neckline of yours!

My top isn’t self drafted, it’s another Burda design, but I like to think I’m pretty good at modifying things to fit my petite frame. This shirt was no exception. Straight out of the pattern, it was too wide across the shoulders to hold up! Last thing I need during a photoshoot is my 1 year old staring at me screaming “LUNCH!” (too much?? Oh well. Subtlety isn’t my style.)

*insert a joke about my tights here*

But I like the tights ;o) And the top looks like it was made for you – oh wait – it was! It is also the perfect compliment to that skirt. HELLLOOOOOOO Legs!

You told me to bare them, so bare them I did! Leave it to a circle skirt to prove that the simplest of sews can still pack a powerful visual punch! Those shorts of yours look anything but simple though – is that a tuxedo stripe??? That pulls in the (albeit accidental) piping detail on the reverse side of my jacket!

That is indeed a tuxedo stripe – couldn’t hold back on the last week. I made these shorts from the Sewaholic Thurlow Pattern. The fabric I dyed so that I could get a more vibrant green – they were originally a faint olive colored curtain. I felt like the tuxedo stripe dressed them up and pulled the whole outfit together. I love that they have both front pockets and back welt pockets!

Welt pockets, refashion, AND a dye job?? Way to make the rest of us look bad 😉 I’m so excited I got to sew beside you in this contest! It’s been such an incredible learning experience for me!

But the journey’s not over – check the Pattern Revolution blog on Friday for more details on this week’s destash challenge, and again next week for our #challengecreate REMIX wrap-up! We’ll be restyling all our pieces from the contest, and answering YOUR questions. So pop by our facebook group and tell us what you want us to cover in our final contest behind-the-scenes post.

Way to get wild, Becca & Suzanne!  With sewing talent like that, it’s no wonder you had a copious stash to draw from…you know, the POSSIBILITIES!!  We’re so glad you were a contestant team for Challenge Create: Adult Edition.  You two, you creations, and your banter brought such a modern vibe to the Challenge!  Everyone, come back tomorrow to see the third contestant’s destash creation!  And if you haven’t joined the Destash Sew Along, it’s not too late to link up!

3 thoughts on “Becca & Suzanne @ Pattern Revolution’s Destash Creation(s)

  1. You ladies are super talented! I love Suzanne’s jacket, I’ve been wishing one like that for years, but I have not enough of red fabric in the stash, so it will have to wait for quite a while still. Becca, I love that skirt!

  2. Great looks ladies! I love both of your jackets and those tribal prints are wonderful. Great job!

  3. Always the sassy duo!
    I love that jacket Becca. That gold zip is sooo purdy.
    Loving the trench too.
    Awesome as always.

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