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Thank You! Updated to Add PR&P Week 3 Sew Along!

project run and play sew along

Today we want to take a few moments and say, “Thank You!”  We have been chosen as one of dad’s favorites over on Frances Suzanne.Flip This Pattern Father's Fantastic Five

He had this to say about Annie & David’s spring break beach outfits, “Nautical.  Nicely themed boy and girl combo!”  Wow, we are so honored.  We’d like to give him the badge of being Annie & David’s adopted grandpa!

Beach Outfits for Spring Break

Pop over to Frances Suzanne, and tell dad what a great guy he is for choosing Annie & David in their beach outfits.

snowy dayWith weather like this, we really needed this pick me up!   We’ve had to totally rearrange our plans for week 3 of PR&P (design your own fabric) because we were planning on sun printing fabric…but for that we would actually need S.U.N.  Those pictures of Annie & David at an actual beach are going to have to wait for a more springy day.

So what did we come up with for PR&P Week 3 Design Your Own Fabric?  Well we went back to two old favorites and made them as sun shiny as possible.

flip this patternWe started with Heidi & Finn’s color block dress again.  We had such an enjoyable time using this pattern when we made the flamingo dress for Project Run & Play’s week 1 theme: Put Me in the Zoo.  But this time we are going to flip it a different way…into a tunic.  Remember that this dress is Frances Suzanne’s April pattern to flip?  We started with some honey bee fabric that we’d picked up at Wally World a few years ago and used as wrapping paper/material when we bought Dad a bee hive for a present.  Well, this fabric was so sun shiny and summery that once we pulled it out and started working with it, we felt warmer!  For the (2nd) flip, we change the color block dress in the following ways. 

heidi and finnWe left off the bottom block and shortened the middle one to tunic length.  We added sleeves in the same color as the top block.

francés suzanne flip this patternAnd, what turned out to be our favorite part of the flip, we made the back a full button up instead of one button and a keyhole at the top.  Oh, how sweet this little tunic has turned out to be!

design your own fabricNow we needed a matching skirt, and we were still trying to fit into Project Run & Play’s week 3 theme, Design Your Own Fabric, and then sew something from it!  I cut out the pieces for the Betty Skirt by Shaffer Sisters, and handed them over to Allegra, saying I was so disappointed at the lack of sun and my sun printing fabric idea that I was fresh out of ideas, and could she please design this fabric and get back to me. 

project run and play sew alongSo Allegra used fabric markers, some flower stencils and her amazing embroidery ability and handed me back the pieces of the newly designed fabric!  Delightedly, I sewed these up into the Betty Skirt, making only the modification of adding lining again (since this yellow linen fabric was sooo thin!) 

annie bee skirt back 2I love how the flowers wrap part way around the back of the skirt. 

embroidered bees, fabric marker hiveAnd the little embroidered honey bees are just too adorable.  The way she made the wings have a gossamer effect makes them look like they just landed on the skirt! 

embroidered bee and flowersThere are three of these cuties on the skirt. 

annie bee skirt 2Don’t worry about Annie being this close to the bee hives, it was (STILL!) quite chilly out, and the bees were all inside.  Plus, since Annie and her siblings run around barefoot through much of the year, they get stung often and accumulate quite an immunity to the feeling! 

black and white and yellow flowersAnd although we waited and waited for our daffodils to be up, they just are not cooperating, so we substituted some plastic flowers, and called it good! 

design your own fabricAnnie loved this photo shoot, and wants to wear this outfit again soon.

watching a beekeeper in a bee skirtWe’ve entered this outfit in both Project Run & Play Week 3 Design Your Own Fabric Sew Along and Frances Suzanne’s April Flip This Pattern (they said we could enter twice since we love this color block dress so much!)

Bee skirtWhat do you think of Annie’s honeybee outfit?

Make it beautiful,


22 thoughts on “Thank You! Updated to Add PR&P Week 3 Sew Along!

  1. Such a fun look thank you for featuring our skirt again.

  2. Embroidered bees… are killing me with cuteness!! And, a photoshoot at a REAL hive – awesome!

  3. I love the honeycomb with bees – great job

  4. I can’t stop thinking about a top with your embroidered bees all over it… really cute! 🙂

  5. I love this outfit! It is so creative and yet fun and comfortable for your little one to wear. I love the embroidered bees and the stenciled flowers, too. This is just charming!

  6. Love the puffed sleeve addition!

  7. so super cute! I love that dragon fly fabric for the top… and the skirt is adorable too!! ;o) Emily

  8. What little girl wouldn’t just love this outfit?! It’s absolutely adorable and I love your team approach. You’ve inspired me to get my 16 year old working with me more because she is an awesome artist too.

  9. The details on the skirt are super cute and I am such a sucker for puff sleeves!

  10. What a cute skirt! The stencils are beautiful and I LOVE that little bumble bee! I have to learn how to do that! Beautiful!

    1. I wish I could embroider too! That is Allegra’s beautiful work!

  11. I love the little bees in the skirt! Great job… and congrats on being one of dad’s picks!

  12. Congrats on your flip!! I cannot believe that skirt was done with markers. It looks so cool. I love the Betty skirt. This is a good reminder to make another one! Thanks 🙂

  13. This is really cute! I love the switch to include buttons all the way down the back, and that skirt is completely adorable!

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