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Spring Break Beach Outfits

spring break beach outfit

The second week theme challenge for Project Run and Play Season 9 is Spring Break.  This design is to center around your favorite (or dream) vacation spot.  It’s pretty much unanimous in this house that anywhere with an ocean and beach is the winning spring vacation spot!  So we started scheming about what we could make that included ocean/beach/shells/boats/etc.  That’s when it hit me that the Frances Suzanne Flip This Pattern for March is the Beachy Boatneck Tee from Blank Slate Patterns.  Okay, this is coming together, I thought!  Then I found some totally awesome vintage seashell graphics over at Graphics Fairy, and knew I had to do something with that and the Betty Skirt, newly designed by the Shaffer Sisters that I’ve been wanting to sew.  Combine all these and you get…

spring break beach outfitAnd also…

Outfits for spring break beachWait a minute, hold on!  There’s a B-O-Y in those pictures and this Skirt Fixation after all, what’s going on?!?  Well, there’s a story there!  I decided since I’d never had much luck sewing on knits before and also I wanted to try the graphics transfer before putting the seashells on the skirt, I’d prototype a shirt for Annie’s little brother, “David.”

Beachy Boatneck with boat graphicHi David, nice to meet you!  David is 2 (almost 3) and was so pleased to have Mommy make him something that it nearly broke my heart!  He kept saying, “Now we can go to the park and take pictures of me by the water too!”  (I didn’t think he even noticed that Annie was reaping all the benefits of my sewing!  But he was clearly referring to Annie’s rain coat I made for PR&P Signature Style.)

boat graphic DIY teeDavid loves his “Boat Shirt” and asks to wear it every day!  The only problem with the patterns from Blank Slate Patterns that I’ve come across is not really a problem with the pattern, but with my kid’s heads!  I know my kids have huge heads because I birthed them!  Just get out your sewing tape and look at the difference between 10 cm and 15 inches.  Thank you very much!  So if your kids have larger than average heads, make sure you widen the necks of patterns.

Spring break outfitsWe had another photo shoot planned for these outfits, one more beach-y, but the weather just was not cooperating!  So this post will be updated when we make it to the other location!

beach bag with rocksI also whipped up a beach bag for Annie and David to collect all their seashells and other treasures at the beach.  This was an afterthought when I found this fantastic piece of fabric as I was organizing my fabric recently!  (What have you found recently in your fabric stash?  You need to do that to prepare for Challenge Create: Adult Edition Week 4 Theme, you know!)

Beach bag for shellsIt’s like walking down to the beach, and I can’t decide which side I like better~what do you think?

Spring Break Beach OutitsMore about each piece in the spring break beach outfits.  The Beachy boatneck Tees were really simple to make!  I was so glad for all Melly Sew’s tips about sewing on knits on both the pattern and on her website.  I not only liked the finished product, but I sort of enjoyed myself!

boys DIY teeI was glad to have prototyped one for David first, because I learned a few things.  For one, the slight yellowing on the iron on graphic in this before picture washed right out, but I learned not to iron so long!  And also because I picked out a difficult material for Annie’s shirt.  I found and fell in love with this navy ruffle knit from JoAnn Fabric’s.  But I’d never sewn on ruffle fabric before, so this website was helpful.  

Ruffle knit boatneck shirtOne thing I did that made all the difference was to tape the ruffles down in the direction I wanted them to go before I started sewing.   Then all the ruffles ended up facing down, and none accidentally sewn up.

Boatneck tee with seashellsDavid’s shirt doesn’t really have any “flip” aspect other than the boat graphic ironed onto the front, but Annie’s shirt is “flipped” by not only using ruffle knit fabric, but also I used the ruffle sleeve from the Josephine blouse pattern.  It makes this shirt so wavy and flow-y like water; and that fits great with the spring break theme, too!  

The Betty SkirtThe Betty Skirt is a darling little skirt to begin with, and I sewed the gathered version.  Since I was using a white linen, I decided to line the skirt part, and this was really easy to do.  (The yoke is double layered and didn’t need a lining.)  Then I ironed on the seashell graphics, and added four navy blue buttons to give it a sailor skirt look.  The Betty Skirt was really easy and fun to make, and I can’t wait to make the other versions, too.  The Shaffer Sisters really did a great job on this skirt and need to keep designing more skirts (and other patterns too!) 

Back of sailor skirtThere were so many beautiful vintage seashells over at The Graphics Fairy, that I didn’t have to repeat any shells around the whole skirt.  

Beach Outfits for Spring BreakThis ended up being a really fun project, the Project Run & Play themes are so inspiring, and Annie (and now David!) are really reaping the benefits!

I’m linking this post up to Frances Suzanne’s Flip This Pattern, and also Project Run & Play Spring Break Theme.

How about you, where are you going for Spring Break, and what are you going to wear?

Make it beautiful,


28 thoughts on “Spring Break Beach Outfits

  1. Great job. The transfers came out perfect! I love the navy and white/cream together.

  2. Beautiful outfits! I’ve never tried using an iron on transfer! After seeing how well yours turned out, I think I should!

  3. Super cute outfits. The ruffle fabric looks so pretty with those sleeves and your transfers are so perfect! I adore the graphics fairy but have only used my transfers on furniture – you now have me browsing for ones to transfer to clothes!

  4. My son (who also has a large head) likes to remind me that I don’t sew enough for him as well. It’s so much fun sewing for the girls, but I don’t want to make my son feel left out.

  5. That boy melts. my. heart. too!!! So glad you sewed something for him :). And, look at you – ahead on those PR&P sew-along entries….

  6. Great outfits! The skirt and ruffle shirt came out so great! i never heard of graphics fairy before, but I am definitely going to have to check it out…

  7. So cute! And I am with you on the big head club! haha!

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  9. I love both outfits! Great “flips”… The transfers are lovely! And I just love the whole “beachy” theme!

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  12. Super cute! Love the beach look.

  13. I love it! That ruffle top is to die for! And the skirt with those shells! Don’t worry when the little man notices you don’t sew for him as much. Mine feels the same way. Perhaps we should start a support group!!

  14. These turned out great! Isn’t it the best feeling when our kids are happy we made them something? I love the ruffle shirt and the boat. Oh and I think I like the back of the bag the best 🙂

  15. What a cute outfit! I love the tip for the ruffle fabric…tucking away for future use. And as someone who has 4 kids with head circumferences off the charts…I hear ya!!!!!

  16. Isn’t the Betty skirt great? I love that pattern and your shells look so good on it! I haven’t ever sewn ruffle fabric before so that tape tip is something I’ll have to remember. Great job!

  17. Very cute for both of them! They definitely have a nautical/beachy look to them. 🙂

  18. love that skirt!! You are the skirt expert ;o) Ive never done ruffle fabric either…. looks great though in this shirt. I love this weeks Project Run and Play theme! I linked up a beachy outfit!

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  21. I love how both outfits speak to each other without being matchy matchy. And I adore the seashells on the skirt, too. I’d love to see you join us this week at the Inspire Us Thursdays! link party.

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