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Annie’s Birthday Project! Shhh! It’s a secret!

birthday project

I am very excited to introduce a new series of posts that will be featured on and off until June. Annie’s birthday is in June, and as I usually just buy her a gift the week before, I thought that I would do it a little bit different this year. Annie loves all kinds of presents (what five-year-old doesn’t) but she has a special appreciation for beautiful vintage and homemade things that is far beyond her age. So, considering that, I will not be getting her a shiny, sterile, brightly colored toy from a big store. Instead, starting now, I will be searching the flea markets, second-hand and thrift stores and antique shops to find a pretty vintage doll.  It’s going to be a great birthday project!

(I’m thinking something like this):

birthday projectYou know, the antique stores always have a couple of dolls like this on shelves, (or at least the ones that I’ve been to.)

When I’ve found the doll, (this is the real birthday project part) I want to sew a full wardrobe for it; skirts, shirts, dresses, skirts, skirts – did I mention skirts?  Maybe I’ll even make it a coat or two, or a couple of nightgowns!

birthday project Then I plan to find a pretty box somewhere, Hobby Lobby or Michaels, etc, and stock it with the things that I have made. Hopefully, Annie will fall in love with the doll and the wardrobe, and I’ll get Big Sister kudos!

Now, here’s where you come in. I need suggestions, more ideas, and your thoughts on Annie’s birthday present. Have you ever made doll clothes? What kind of doll would be good for a soon-to-be six year old? What kind of fabric is easiest to work with when making doll clothes? Is simple better, or do embellishments make it work?

birthday projectHere are a couple of ideas for clothes that I found on Pinterest. Please send as many helpful comments as possible my way; I’m counting on you!

birthday projectAlways be Exciting,


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