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Fashion Illustration – Skirt Color Pop!

Allegra's fashion illustration

Today I’m showing you some more lovely fashion illustrations of skirts from off of our Pinterest board, Skirt Art, with a bonus, never-before-seen one of my own at the end!

fashion illustrationI picked out the examples of fashion illustration that show the best use of color, in my opinion. Here I’m starting with one of Inslee’s, a favorite illustrator of mine. The girl in this picture has on the cutest skirt EVER! I really want it!! I love the way that Inslee gave a supreme sense of warmth in this drawing by using primary colors (blue and yellow) that draw your eyes. The other main colors, green and brown, give a sense of fullness and depth of color to the already warm painting, and hint at a story line. I would love to be able to draw and paint with this much skill some day.

fashion illustrationThe next one is another blue painting, a picture of a girl in a wide blue maxi skirt. The colors used in this painting, (blue, gray and black,) give a chilly, or cold feeling, and the warm pinkness of her cheeks and hair provide relief from the overall cold effect. Another thing I love about this drawing is the fact that the artist used what looks like glitter on the skirt! I adore using texture as well as color to make a really stunning effect.

fashion illustrationHere is a picture titled NYC, featuring a girl in an adorable vintage-looking outfit. This picture feels even warmer than the Inslee one because virtually no greens or blues are used, and yellow and light brown dominate the color scheme, giving the feel of a sunny day.

fashion skirt illustrationI really like this fourth one for its use of only one color to give a definitive feel to the work. Using only red and black, the artist has produced a really pretty work that feels almost harsh in its color scheme. The use of only red and black, however, really does draw the eye, and is also a good tip for outfits.

skirt fashion illustration This one is sooo pretty! It looks very old, in the way that the person is drawn, the style of the picture, but the colors are very modern. This is not a full picture, another technique that I adore, but the artist has used the lines of the skirt to suggest a full maxi skirt. The colors are very warm, and the artist has included many colors without the picture becoming garish.

skirt fashion illustrationI saved my favorite for last!!! This is the cutest ever drawing of a skirt! The artist, undoubtedly a very creative person, drew the top half of a woman and used pencil shavings to create the skirt and fan. I just LOVE it!!! This would be a great series to do, like finding household articles that you could make into little skirt drawings!!!

Allegra's fashion illustrationAnyway, here’s my drawing, ink, crayon and graphite, and titled ‘Sad Girl in a Pink Skirt’. I drew the girl in a gray raincoat and boots and pink skirt, only coloring the skirt in. I really like the way that the grayness channels the sadness, but yet the pop of pink is very refreshing.

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