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Embroidered Skirt Alert

embroidered skirt

For today’s skirt alert we have embroidered skirts. We are thinking about making an embroidered skirt one of these days, but we haven’t got around to it yet so we will have to be satisfied with these cute selections I found on Pinterest.

embroidered skirtOur first number today will be the peony-embroidered skirt. This lovely yellow skirt is just the color to make the embroidery on it shine. The green leaves with the yellow and rusty red flowers go wonderfully together. And the skirt in all looks very comfortable.

embroidered skirtNumber two will be a black maxi embroidered skirt. The grey embroidery is extremely cute and the pattern is awesome. Another great thing about this skirt is that it is maxi and there aren’t always as many maxi skirts around now days so this one is very lovely. Again this skirt looks very comfortable.

embroidered skirtNumber three is this beautiful white skirt with blue floral embroidery on it. I really want this skirt! I like this outfit featured with this skirt, but instead of wearing flip-flops, I would probably wear brown flats.

embroidered skirtOur fourth number is this pretty yellow and you might say ombre skirt. The embroidery looks rather complex and it might take a little practice to be able to do this one, although if you had a pattern it might be a little easier. This skirt looks so comfortable and awesome.  I can imagine a Spanish dancer wearing this skirt!

embroidered skirtAnd our last but not least, is one of my favorites. The grey embroidered skirt. I like the style where the skirt keeps going up and down in little triangles. The embroidery is an awesome intricate design. I said I wanted some of the other skirts really bad but I want this one the most!! Anyway check out our boards on Pinterest for lots more skirt fun!

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