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Pink Poodle Skirts – Skirt Alert!

pink poodle skirt

For today’s Skirt Alert I wanted to show a some skirts from on Etsy, and I decided to do poodle skirts because poodle skirts look good on babies, little girls, teens, and women. They look good on everybody, especially if you wear the right clothes with them. So we have several selections, to be exact five.  And just to be consistent, we’ve chose five pink poodle skirts!  Boring, right?  Just wait until you see the variety these four shops on Etsy have made from the theme pink poodle skirt. pink poodle skirt And our first number is the pink tutu poodle skirt. This skirt is really cool paired with the ruffled socks and button up shirt with the pockets and hair bows. The pose on the car is really cute.  In fact, everything in the Etsy shop Atutudes is made from tutus (hence the awesome shop name!) and falls into the really cute category! pink poodle skirt Number two is this very cool poodle skirt. The poodle on her skirt looks like a very rich French poodle, whose owner is an heiress. Or something. The way she is smiling is so cute and the neck scarf is also adorable. I also like the black bow in her hair.  Almost everything in this Etsy shop is poodle skirts, so check it out! pink poodle skirtNumber three is this women’s vintage 1950s felt pink poodle skirt.  I mean this thing is the real deal!  Someone may just have worn this one in a soda shop and shared a double malt with their sweetheart while wearing this cutie!   This Etsy shop is a vintage shop, sorted into categories by era, so browse around and have fun! pink poodle skirt Numbers four and five come from the Etsy same shop.  This shop is all 50s and pure cuteness; they offer poodle skirts and poodle skirt outfits!  The last two are matching toddler and baby girl poodle skirts. I think the best I saved for last, because the picture is so cute.  After all I did say that babies look cute in poodle skirts. The petticoat under the skirt is also very cute, and I like the matching shirt, and the headband.  Their matching outfits are adorable and I just can’t get over the whole thing. Anyway, when you are finished reading this post, you might want to go back and look at the Juli Lynne Charlot post, because she made the first poodle skirt. Get flirty with skirts, Aria P.S. While you’re over at Etsy, stop by and see our shop too!

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