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Lauren Jeans Co. Denim Skirt Refashion

Lauren Jeans Co. denim skirt refashion

For today’s skirt refashion, I started with this Lauren Jeans Co. Size 10, 22-inch long skirt.  We picked it up at Goodwill for $2.50, knowing that a Lauren Jeans Co. denim skirt was a great buy for $2.50 and this one was is great shape.

Lauren Jeans Co denim skirt

It was a nice plain skirt, kind of blah, a little outdated, and as I didn’t want to add on new fabric, or take off some of the length, I started thinking about embellishing it. I picked out some non-gathered lace from our lace box and laid it out in patterns until I got the pattern that I wanted.

 Step by Step Lauren Jeans Co. Denim Skirt Refashion Instructions

1. Sewed a piece of lace on either side of the slit.

2. Sewed a brown ribbon onto the top of the piece of lace.

3. Repeated steps 1 and 2 three more times.

4. Sewed a pink bow onto the top layer of ribbon.

Lauren Jeans Co. denim skirt refashion

I really like how this turned out!

Lauren Jeans Co. denim skirtHere you can see how the back has no lace on it, but I was using scraps of lace, and I didn’t have enough lace to go around the back, so the lace and ribbon are just on the front.  This produces a sort of cool, split-personality effect!  It’s a different skirt coming and going!  But then again, a bunch of lace on the back might have been uncomfortable to sit on…or would it have produced a completed look?  Hmmm, I might have to find another skirt like this and do an experiment!

denim skirt by lauren jeans co.This is definitely a warm-weather skirt, so you’ll have to excuse my cold-weather outfit and hunched-up expression. Hey, when it’s negative degrees outside, I just wanna get back inside!  I paired this skirt with a navy blue tee under my brown-pocketed jacket, and wore white tights and my favorite brown boots.

Lauren Skirt Co. denim skirt refashion

Since this skirt is a bit too large and a bit too short for me we are selling this skirt on Etsy here. I sewed the lace on so that it lifts up on the bottom and is only attached on the top, and I think that it is a really cute look overall. I had a lot of fun with this skirt, so I hope that maybe I can do another remake like this sometime soon. Lemme know what you think of my newest skirt remake!

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  1. Cuuuuuuuute!!!!

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