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Copycat and Knock Off Skirts – Skirt Designer

knock off skirt

Today for our skirt designer post I decided to make some copycat skirts on Style-Studio.  We just love copycat and knock off skirts!  I mean it’s what we’re all about here at Skirt Fixation, right?  Good quality, cheap price, easy redo!  So I decided to play around and see what I could do with the Style Studio app.  I started with the remake we did on Hacked to Happy. Remember this skirt?

sundress refashionI wasn’t sure how to copy this skirt, because Style-Studio didn’t have the exact plaid and it never looked right!  But then today I kind of exploring and I found a spot where I could take a picture, so I took a picture of the actual skirt right in the Style Studio app!

knock off skirtThis is what I came up with! I love it because it looks so realistic, and hardly a bit of work, (once I found out about the camera) and I am extremely happy with the results.

My next copycat skirt is the remake Color Block to Color POP we did a while back.  I think that I like this remake even more although it doesn’t look as realistic.

knock off skirt

What I did first is I found a skirt that was about the length and style of the real skirt.  I then made the skirt all brown but cut off the bottom part and added the bows, making sure that they were close to the real color. I would have added lace but I couldn’t find out how. And this is my results.

copycat skirtNow I was having so much fun I decided to check out what some others have done!  I came across three copycat and knock off skirt tutorials that I think you’re going to enjoy too!  All three happen to be Anthropologie knock off skirts.  Now I’m not sure why Anthropologie skirts end up being copied so often, but I’m pretty sure there are likeminded people to us out there who love the look and the quality of Anthro skirts, but not the price!

anthropologie knock off skirtThe first one we found started with this happy yellow Anthropologie skirt.

knock off skirt tutorialAnd here’s what she came up with.  Awesome, right?  Here’s the link to her tutorial if you want to try this one yourself!

The next one is a ruffled Anthropologie knock off skirt.  Now we love Anthropologie skirts and Anthropologie look skirt, but add ruffles, and we’re a puddle of drool on the floor!  Here’s what she had her eye on:

Anthropologie knock off ruffled skirt

And here’s where she ended up!

knock off skirt tutorial

Really, really awesome!  I think I’m going to talk Mom into doing a copycat or knock off skirt like this!  Here’s a link to her tutorial.

And the last one is probably the most complicated, but just wait until you see the knock off skirt look!


Dreamy, huh?  But just look at the layers and the detail…I think we may have to add another skirt to the wish list!  Or since Anthropologie no longer sells this skirt…a knock off skirt!  Many times we find pictures on Pinterest of really cute skirts that are no longer for sale, and that’s the beauty of knock off skirts!  Bringing back something great, for less!  So anyway, here’s this blogger’s version:

knock off skirt tutorial

Yep, that’s what I’m talking about, bringing back a great thing!  I think I even like her fabric choice better than the original.  (Here’s her tutorial, if you want to try!)  And that’s another beautiful thing about copycat and knock off skirts, you can tweak them to suit your style perfectly!

Leave us a comment on your thoughts about copycat and knock off skirts.  Are you going to be trying one soon?  We’ve certainly got our creative juices flowing now!

Get flirty with skirts,


One thought on “Copycat and Knock Off Skirts – Skirt Designer

  1. Hi Girls!
    I have came here throught the Blog “2nd Story Sewing” and i’m glad I did!!! I’m in love with what you all do! This post about copycat’s is awesome!!!!! I LOVE the skirt with the ruffles and the plaid one!!! And you are right: the colour of the plaid copycat is more beautiful than the original one!!!!
    Many <3 to you all.
    Kisses from Portugal!!!

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