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Skirt to Lampshade – Day 9 – 10 Days of Thoughtful, Handmade Gifts

We are participating in a 10 Day blogging series: 10 Days of Thoughtful, Handmade Gifts!  We are so excited to produce some gifts, and you’ve probably guessed, we’re going to start from skirts all 10 days!  Also, we are very anxious to see what others produce too!  If you want to join in or follow along, visit A Homespun Country Life to get started.

Thoughtful Skirt to Lampshade Gift

 We are so excited with Day 9 – Skirt to Lampshade, of 10 Days of Thoughtful, Handmade Gifts.  Each day, and each project in our eBook, we have selected projects that take advantage of the unique shape, size, style, or some other attribute of a skirt.  And today’s project is no exception.

skirt to lampshade

As we showed you yesterday, here is the skirt we started with.  This gorgeous skirt is a Banana Republic silk skirt.  We were so in love with this skirt when we found it at Goodwill with a price tag of $2.50!  Silk skirt for $2.50!  And we love the gauzy middle ruffle.  So why didn’t we wear this skirt as it was?  Well, it was a size 12, and no one here wears a size 12.  But have we ever let that stop us?  NO!

broken lampshade

And then there was the lampshade.  This thing we rescued from a boys’ room, and we are quite sure they were playing basketball with it, but we’re not sure if they were using it as the basket or the ball!

 Step by Step Skirt to Lampshade Instructions

Step 1: Drape skirt over existing lampshade to determine best fit.  In our case, we wanted to take advantage of those lovely ruffling layers.

Step 2: Sew together layers where new top of the lampshade was going to be.

Step 3: Use clothespins to hold skirt to lampshade while making little pleats around the rest and gluing them in place.  This step is actually easy to show!


Step 4: After the glue has dried, glue ribbon around top.

Step 5: If the bottom of the skirt hangs too far down, cut it off with pinking shears.

2skirt to lampshade after 1

Finished!  Isn’t that one of the prettiest lampshades you’ve ever seen?   Definitely better that one that’s imitating a basketball hoop!

skirt to lampshade after 3

See the pretty gauzy middle layer?  It actually lets more light through!

Total Time: 3 hours (most of that was glue drying time!)

Total Cost: $4.79 Skirt + Tacky Glue

Talent Level: Beginner Seamstress

2skirt to lampshade after 2

A much better choice for a girls’ bedroom lampshade!

Skirt to Lampshade before&after

Now I’ll just bet you are walking around your house looking at your lampshades!  Send us a photo when you get done!

Make it beautiful,


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